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Americans For Prosperity

Why*a governor*would*choose to*take in refugees**

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Unread 02.05.20, 07:18 PM
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Why*a governor*would*choose to*take in refugees**

02.05.20 10:14 AM

Picture this:* *Youíre a governor.*Itís September 2019*and*President Donald Trump has*recently announced that*you*and other governors are now required to provide consent and opt-in to whether your states will continue*accepting refugees*through the national Refugee Resettlement Program, rather the previous practice of requiring *governors to opt-out if they no longer wished to participate.** *The president says*you*have a few months to give*your final decision.* *As governor, there are*at*least two priorities you must always consider when making big decisions:* 1.***** The safety of your residents.** 2.***** The health of the economy.** So, what will you decide to do?* This is a real decision all 50 governors were tasked with making. President Trump issued an*executive order*last September, mandating a final answer be given*ahead of Jan. 21, 2020.** One key to*making a decision*like this is to*base*your reasoning on*the*facts. But in the case of refugees,*separating*myth from fact*can often be tricky because of the amount of conflicting information being floated around in the media and on social media.*There are a lot of misleading sentiments out there that can easily cloud judgement.** Here are four*of the most common myths*ó and the truths behind them:* Myth: Refugees are a threat to national security*and public safety, because the U.S. is not properly […]

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