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Hobby Lobby: Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Thereof

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Unread 07.03.14, 07:30 AM
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Hobby Lobby: Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Thereof

07.02.14 09:03 PM

If the response to the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case is anything to go by, the self-titled “progressives” who freak out over the 2nd Amendment are really going to have to step up the shrieking; because I can’t hear them over the din of the self-titled “progressives” who object to the 1st Amendment. Whereas the gun-grabbers tend to trip over their own ignorance when it comes to the causal relationship, or lack thereof, between firearms and crime (especially when they’re calling everything from pre-Revolutionary Era blunderbusses to Dillon miniguns “AR-15s”), the anti-lifers seem to stumble over simple tasks like reading.

Hence, the outrage with which the anti-lifers have attacked the court’s Hobby Lobby decision is matched only by their ignorance — willful or otherwise — thereof. In writing for the majority, Justice Samuel Alito noted the Green and Hahn families’ religious convictions are “sincerely held” and, therefore, draws a “legal conclusion … that [their] religious exercise is substantially burdened.” He also pointed specifically to the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), which requires the Federal Government “must take adequate account of the burdens a requested accommodation may impose on non-beneficiaries,” and that Obamacare’s “contraceptive coverage requirement fails to satisfy RFRA’s least restrictive means test.” It’s definitely worth noting that the RFRA was sponsored by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-The Nearest Open Microphone) and signed into law by President William Jefferson Clinton (D-The Nearest Open Strip Club).

The irony, of course, is that the so-called “progressives” ought to love this decision — and not just because Bubba Clinton signed the RFRA. In acknowledging the right of the owners of private property to practice their religious beliefs therein, it follows that the Court is also acknowledging the right of employees of those same owners of private property to plan and execute their reproductive rights without employer involvement. If Andy the Atheist owns a widget-making factory, he can bar his employees from celebrating Christmas on company time and/or property. If Jerry the Jew owns the same company, then kiss bacon cheeseburgers in the cafeteria goodbye. And if Mohammed the Muslim says the new company uniform includes dishdashas for the boys and abayas for the girls, then everyone can either suit up or ship out. Likewise, if you want to have as much sex as a Nevada call girl and then take a “Plan B” pill every morning with your soy latte, you’re free to do so without fear or concern about your employers’ opinion, provided you don’t allow said activities to interfere with your job performance. Of course, that’s already black letter law known as “freedom of association.”

The Hobby Lobby decision does not establish governmental oversight of private religious mores. No one is being denied access to anything. Hobby Lobby will continue to pay for 16 of the 20 contraceptive methods imposed by Obamacare, and a wannabe tyrant like President Barack Obama has already made noises about covering the four abortifacients to which Hobby Lobby’s owners objected. The decision also serves to elevate no religious mores over any other as a matter of policy. In fact, all it does is reaffirm that the Green family is entitled to the same religious protections as you, Obama and the cashier at Hobby Lobby store No. 62. People who own “closely held” companies are no less entitled to religious freedom than private citizens who work for them.

The Hobby Lobby ruling centers on the religious freedoms guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. The decision, therefore, also serves as a rebuke to the statist aims of the Democratic Party. But it also shines the spotlight on one ignored but inescapable fact: Obamacare is a shuffling bureaucratic monstrosity, and all of this could have been avoided if Obama and his accomplices hadn’t been in such a flaming rush to jam it down our throats.

Put simply: Stock up on enough abortifacients to depopulate North America — on your nickel.

–Ben Crystal

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