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Rand Paul Says ‘Lawless’ Obama Has Turned Border Crisis Into ‘Debacle’

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Unread 07.03.14, 05:30 PM
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Rand Paul Says ‘Lawless’ Obama Has Turned Border Crisis Into ‘Debacle’

07.03.14 03:05 PM

In an email to supporters today, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) accused President Barack Obama of turning the “crisis” on the U.S.-Mexican border into a “debacle” and urged those opposed to the government’s lawless open-door messaging to sign his Political Action Committee’s “Secure the Border” petition.

“President Obama turned an already bad situation into a debacle,” wrote Paul:
Due to his lawless executive orders, a crisis on our southern border exploded as tens of thousands of immigrant men, women, teenagers and even children streamed across our border and illegally entered our country.

This is why I voted against the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill and continue to oppose the House of Representatives bringing that bill up.

That so-called “reform” failed to secure our border and left the door open for President Obama to refuse to enforce immigration laws.

Paul also wrote about the border crisis in an opinion piece published Wednesday at Breitbart in which he blasted Obama for behaving like a king. “If he takes his royal pen in hand and beckons the world to come across our borders without adequate border security, it will be a disaster for the country, and it will be the death knell for any meaningful bipartisan immigration reform,” Paul wrote.

Read the rest of Paul’s op-ed at Breitbart.

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