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Nonparticipation And Decentralization As Primers For Revolution

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Unread 02.11.14, 01:42 AM
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Nonparticipation And Decentralization As Primers For Revolution

02.10.14 10:01 PM

Since I write investigative examinations on the corrupt state of American government and American economy, I get lots of questions, including: “Now that we know what the problem is, when are you going to tell us what the solution is?”

The question seems reasonable. But in reality, everything that is weak-minded in our culture today is summed up in its content.

First, the question insinuates that there is no sense in exploring the nature of a crisis without fixing the situation right then and there. Often, the most complex problems of our world require years, if not decades, of trial and error before a single working solution is generated. When the problem involves a criminal government run by corporatist oligarchs bent on total globalization and centralized control of finance, society and law, you have to expect there will be some difficulties in finding a remedy. You will never defeat your enemy without knowing your enemy, and our particular fight requires endless analysis.

Second, I wish I could convey the palm-to-forehead agony I feel every time I hear someone begging me to overnight mail them a solution on a silver platter, wrapped in perfect little pink bow. Why is it that so many Americans today refuse to offer their own solutions to the problems they perceive in the world? Is it laziness, stupidity or both? They are so busy waiting for a white knight to come to save them that they have forgotten to learn how to save themselves. Don’t sit idle expecting analysts to make your life better. Become industrious. Take initiative. Think of something we haven’t thought of yet. Stop being followers and start becoming leaders within your own communities.

Third, the worst of all dilemmas when dealing with the above question is that most of the time, it is being asked by people who already have a preconceived answer they want to hear. Many people in our movement today want a silver-bullet solution. They want magic and fairy dust. They want to end tyranny with a snap of their fingers or the press of a button and within the span of a day, or perhaps a week. They don’t want to have to work beyond their normal capacity. They don’t want to struggle or to sacrifice. And they certainly don’t want to risk their property, livelihood or life.

They want a civil-rights-style march on Washington. That’s been done over and over again, leading to nothing but even more corruption. (You don’t ask tyrants to police themselves, nor do you ask for their permission to change government.) They want an armed march on Washington (perhaps the most tactically moronic strategy ever to be suggested year after year), leading to nothing more than a bloodbath. That would only make the liberty movement appear weak or insane, all in a failed attempt to unseat a bunch of politicians who are merely puppets and middle men for the financial elites. They want generals grandstanding as purveyors of constitutionalism to initiate a military coup to remove the “evil Muslim” from his seat of power. (Is Barack Obama a Muslim or an atheist Communist? These methodologies tend to negate each other.) Meanwhile the truth is Obama is nothing more than a minor obstacle compared to the greater evil of central banking and internationalism, and a neocon Republican (or provocateur general) could easily continue Obama’s work without missing a beat.

Most of all, they want something flashy, something new, something technological and glorious to solve all their woes. How many times have your heard the claim, for instance, that digital currencies like Bitcoin would bring down the central banks and turn the globalist empire to dust at our feet? Yet Bitcoin’s very existence relies on the Web, a government-dominated networking system that it can remove from our hands any time it wishes.

These are not solutions; they are distractions or, worse, con games. They are designed to fool you into thinking that you can lounge behind your computer or walk blindly down the street with a sign or a gun, and the Nation will attain renaissance without a tear or a drop of bloodshed. They are pleasant lies that many people want to have whispered to them.

I have no interest in making people feel comfortable, safe or at ease in the nature of the task before us. I’m interested only in the truth. And the truth is real solutions have already been offered to the liberty movement. For years, we’ve been talking about them, implementing them and attempting to convince others to implement them. These solutions are not easy. They are not pleasant or quick. They will require much sacrifice and unimaginable suffering. There is no way around these tasks if we are to succeed and dismantle centralized totalitarianism in our lifetimes.


This is a simple concept that, for some reason, tends to confound people. If you march to the steps of the White House motivated by a desire to educate others on the hidden dangers of our political situation, then this is all well and good. But if you march to the steps of the White House with the expectation that this gesture will somehow impress or frighten the military-industrial complex into forsaking its criminal ways and step down from power, then you have fallen into a delusional paradigm.

If you are using a government-controlled communications medium like the Internet to educate others while the system still exists, then this is practical. But if you really believe that you are going to exploit that same network as an offensive tool to destroy Big Brother, you are living in techno-geek dreamland.

And if you still think that the diseased political arena has any merit whatsoever and that the system can be inoculated from the within or that you can rewrite the rules on a whim (constitutional convention) and have those rules followed, I don’t hold much hope for you at this point.

Imagine, just for a moment, that the government does not exist. The Internet does not exist. Corporate banking chains, department stores and grocery outlets do not exist. State law enforcement organizations do not exist. State-run schools do not exist. How would you go about living day to day without the bureaucracy, the welfare, the infrastructure and the safety nets? This is how all liberty movement activists are going to have to start thinking if they want to change anything.

The nonparticipation principle is best summarized like this: When facing a corrupt system, provide for yourself and your community those necessities that the system cannot or will not. Become independent from establishment-controlled paradigms. If you and your community do this, the system will have one of two choices:
  1. Admit that you do not need them anymore and fade into the fog of history,
  2. Or reveal its tyrannical nature in full and attempt to force you back into dependence.
In either case, you win. You have taken proactive measures to remove yourself as a cog in the machine. The machine can then try to demonize you or attack you. But it will ultimately attack from a place of social and moral weakness, and you will defend from a position of logistical and moral strength.

Stop waiting for the system to change. Change the way you live and survive. Build your own localized systems and walk away.


Learn a vital trade skill; grow your own food; purchase resource-rich, raw land; learn self-defense methods beyond what law-enforcement personnel are trained in (which is not too difficult); take emergency medical technician training courses so you can provide general and emergency medical care for your family; get your children out of the State-run common core indoctrination centers and home-school them; and build neighborhood watch groups, emergency response groups, barter markets and alternative economies.

Decentralization is about dissolving our unbalanced relationship with the state and taking away its power to dictate how we live. If a core necessity is centralized in the hands of a select few, then we start producing it ourselves and remove that option from their deck of cards. You cannot fight a corrupt system if you are dependent on a corrupt system.

The very essence of globalism is centralized oversight of every aspect of our lives. When we allow ourselves to feed from the government or corporate trough because it’s “easier,” we are essentially volunteering to be herded like animals. It is within the power of every single individual, no matter his age or financial circumstance, to find creative ways to become more independent. It is up to you. There are no excuses.


We should have no illusions that the criminal elements of our government will simply shrug their shoulders and give up. When we decentralize, we show the world how irrelevant they are. Tyrants must remain relevant to the masses; otherwise, they have no means to dominate except pure force. When that force is eventually applied, the only option is revolution. Decentralization is not a means to “avoid” such revolution, it is only a means to strengthen our position in preparation for revolution.

There is no ideal revolutionary model because the unique nature of one’s epoch determines the nature of one’s rebellion. However, I can say that any revolution that does not focus on the foundational culprits behind the offending tyranny is doomed to failure. When I see the overt obsession with Obama as some kind of linchpin in the development of socialism in America, I have to remind people that Obama has merely stood on the legislative efforts of George W. Bush and so many other globalist presidents before him in order to bring the U.S. to the current point of catastrophe. And who made these men, these so-called “leaders”? Who financed their campaigns? Who taught them the internationalist methodologies they now implement? Who really controls money and, thus, economy and, thus, politics in this country?

Revolution must be directed at the oligarchs, not just their mascots. And if anyone asks you to rally around a revolution that does not name central banking and international banking entities and the men who run them as direct culprits, they are probably controlled opposition. We don’t need a French or Bolshevik Revolution to replace old puppets with new puppets; we need to go to the very heart of the cancer that has stricken our Nation and remove it. If this means we have to physically fight back, then so be it; but we must be smart in how we fight.

In the end, the average citizen is his own defender, his own governor, his own industrialist, his own kingmaker. He may consciously realize this, or he may be oblivious. All the solutions are right there in his hands, waiting to be used. The saddest truth of all is that the only thing holding him back from legitimate freedom is he. Only when we stop avoiding the pain required to procure independence will we finally have it.

–Brandon Smith

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