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An Antifa goes gun shopping…

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Old 11.14.17, 04:49 AM
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An Antifa goes gun shopping…

11.13.17 12:47 PM

A video making its way around the internet shows how liberal troublemakers around the country are attempting to provoke freedom loving Americans into arguments by acting like assholes. Be like this Olympia, Washington, gun shop owner and don’t take the bait.

When a black clad*activist*recently entered his store to accuse him of being a racist and hurl a string a nonsensical insults, Private Sector Arms, LLC, owner Don Teague kept his cool.

The troublemaker repeatedly suggested that Teague was doing something illegal and called the shop owner racist for displaying a Revolutionary War and Gadsden flag at the front of the store.

Again, Teague was nothing but nice.

Toward the end of the video, Teague even offers the young comrade a free Bible. The asshole took the whole stack, went outside and began throwing the Bible’s on the shop’s roof and at its front window.

Teague eventually, and rightly called the police to have the loser trespassed from his place of business.

Beyond commending*Teague for his extreme patience and using his encounter with Antifa’s finest as a reminder that the useful idiots are out with a mission to goad Constitution-loving Americans into affirming their nonsense notions about why we need more social justice and less freedom in America, I’d like to encourage you to send his shop some business.

The gun seller operates an awesome and informative YouTube channel. You can find him on Facebook here and check out his shop on the web here.*

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