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Utah town wants to collapse dadís front-yard cardboard box fort

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Unread 04.07.15, 01:36 PM
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Utah town wants to collapse dadís front-yard cardboard box fort

04.07.15 11:43 AM

A father in Ogden, Utah, thought it would be fun to take a bunch of 5-by-4-foot cardboard boxes and build his two kids a fort in the front yard. So he did, and now the city is breathing down his neck to have the fort torn down for violating local building codes.

Not content to let Ogden resident Jeremy Trentelman take the fort down at his leisure — or wait for the weather to inevitably render the temporary structure useless — the city wants the fort to come down fast. Trentelman received a notice that he has until April 13 to disassemble the fort or pay a fine.

Trentelman, who built the fort earlier this month, told Yahoo! News the flap over the fort “is just ridiculous.”

“I thought I was just building a fort out of cardboard, tape and a little love, but apparently itís making a statement,” he said. Trentelman works as a floral designer, and sourced the boxes “from the home and garden center where he works,” according to the report.

The idea was to entice his kids — 3-year-old Max and 2-year-old Story — to learn to love the outdoors instead of getting hooked on passive indoor entertainment. “I had warm, positive memories from my childhood about forts, and thought it was a great way to spark imagination, away from the TV,” he explained.

But the city views the boxes as a violation of building codes, since, according to its interpretation of the ordinance, they’re nothing more than “waste materials or junk” cluttering up Trentelman’s front yard.

Trentelman appears circumspect about the whole affair, though — perhaps because, with a temporary structure, the stakes are lower than they’d be if he’d erected something costlier and more permanent. He’s planning to extend the life of the fort — which, according to Buzzfeed, has already begun to suffer from the erosive effects of outdoor existence — until April 13, just to prove a point.

“It probably would have come down tomorrow,” Trentelman told Buzzfeed for a weekend story. “Now to make sure that it survives, I have been stockpiling some cardboard.”

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