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Gender confused? Ash Carter says join the military

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Unread 08.03.15, 05:03 AM
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Gender confused? Ash Carter says join the military

08.02.15 09:01 PM

Have no fear, “gender confused” individual. The military is now the place for you.

So-called “transgender service members” can no longer be discharged from the military. Nor is transgender still a matter of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has put the hiatus on that practice effective July 13 (see the memo).

Now a “working group” is working on policy options for military men who want to be women and military women who want to be men.

Never mind the ridiculousness of such a notion. Men wearing women’s clothes and women wearing men’s clothes does not make them men or women. Men surgically and hormonally altered to appear as women are still men. And women surgically and hormonally altered to appear as men are still women. What it makes them is confused and mentally ill.

In 2009 The Atlantic gave us the story of Monica Helms, a member of the United States Submarine Veterans since 1980 who had joined under “her” original male name when all the submarine veterans were male. When “she” reapplied as Monica after changing into women’s clothes and beginning the process of “becoming physically female,” “she” was rejected at first, as “she” expected. After some wrangling with the national organization and some lobbying with members of the local, “she” was finally admitted.

The Atlantic then boldly tells us in the article, “U.S. Submarine Veterans is now a coed group, and Monica, 61, swells with pride when she says she was the first woman to join.”

No, “she” is not. And it is a false and misplaced pride.

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