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Hillary tanking with the group that was supposed to save her: women voters

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Unread 08.04.15, 05:54 PM
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Hillary tanking with the group that was supposed to save her: women voters

08.04.15 12:40 PM

Hillary Clinton’s presidential polling numbers have taken a dramatic hit with the very demographic that was expected to lift her to the Democratic nomination and onward to the White House: white women.

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll reveals that Clinton’s approval among white women has dropped precipitously in a very short time, tanking by double-digit percentage points in a single month.

“In June, 44% of white women had a favorable view of Mrs. Clinton, compared to 43% who didn’t,” WSJ reports. “In July, those numbers moved in the wrong direction for Mrs. Clinton: Only 34% of white women saw her in a positive light, compared to 53% who had a negative impression of her, the poll found.”

The report describes the poll numbers as “a worrisome development” that puts Clinton at a profound disadvantage: having to play catch-up with a segment of the voter base that was supposed to be an assured win.

“Mrs. Clinton is unlikely to match the African-American turnout that propelled Mr. Obama to two presidential victories, so she has to make up the difference somewhere else. Women eager to see a woman in the White House is a logical group to target,” WSJ observes.

“Mrs. Clinton, of course, is a white woman. She was raised in the suburbs and earned both college and law degrees. She’s fared well among voters with a similar background in past polls, but this month’s survey shows that’s no longer the case.”

The poll was conducted in late July, after a steady stream of negative reports surrounding a handful of ongoing scandals: allegedly illegal withholding of electronic information from the U.S. State Department; potentially illegal conflicts of interest between Clinton, as former secretary of state, and the Clinton Foundation; and disingenuous campaign messaging portraying her as an accessible candidate who purports to understand the concerns of middle-class voters.

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