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Poll: Only Half Of Americans Believe Obamacare Is Still Law Of The Land

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Unread 03.07.11, 10:16 PM
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Poll: Only Half Of Americans Believe Obamacare Is Still Law Of The Land

03.07.11 10:01 PM

A new poll shows that almost half of all Americans are either unaware of the status of President Barack Obama's healthcare law or they think it has been repealed.

Although the Affordable Care Act has been deemed unConstitutional by a Federal judge in Florida and repealed by the House of Representatives, the legislation is still the law of the land. However, a new survey conducted by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation shows that 22 percent of Americans believe Obamacare has been done away with, while 26 percent are not sure of its legal status.

The Kaiser Foundation, in its report that accompanied the poll results, speculated that many people are too busy throughout the day to get the full story about legislative news. Thus, if they hear the word "repeal" on TV or read it in a headline, they may misinterpret the meaning behind it.

Furthermore, the organization said that some partisan wishful thinking may explain why some people think it has been shelved. Approximately 30 percent of Republicans who were surveyed thought Obamacare had been abolished, compared to only 12 percent of Democrats.

According to media reports, a Federal judge in the District of Columbia ruled that the personal responsibility clause in the healthcare law — which mandates that Americans purchase health insurance or face fines — is Constitutional. To date, three Federal judges have upheld the provision, while two have ruled it unConstitutional.

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