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Removing ants from your area.

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Unread 04.24.08, 05:49 AM
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Removing ants from your area.

Things You’ll Need:

Step1 Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth in areas you feel ants are gathering or traveling through. Diatomaceas Earth, also known simply as DE is a fossilized remains of a hard shelled algae. When an insect comes into contact with it, it works as shards of glass breaking open the body of the insect and causing it to dehydrate and die. Use food grade DE.

Step2 Sprinkle common black pepper in areas ants are entering/exiting to prevent them from crossing.

Step3 Sprinkle talcum (baby) powder around areas that are infected with ants or where you feel ants may be drawn such as sugar bowls, pet foods and pantry shelves. Even after you wipe it away, the talcum powder will still have some effect so no need to lay it on thick at all. Best of all, it sure smells better than insect sprays!

Step4 Place bay leaves in key areas around your pantry, storage areas and any other place in your home ants are/could be a problem.
Step5Homemade Ant Spray: Mix equal parts Windex glass cleaner and Ivory soap. Simply spray onto problem areas.

Step6 Anti Ant Recipe: Mix 1/2 cup of white sugar with 1 cup of warm water. Add 2 tablespoons of borax household cleaner to this mixture. The sugar is the bait, the borax is the killer. Soak the mixture up with cotton balls or makeup sponges and place in ant infested areas. You could even place it in shallow dishes to entice the ants to have a few slurps.

Step7 Feed them! Cream of wheat that is. They eat it and it expands greatly, killing them.

Step8 Plant mint plants around your exterior windows and doors and basement entrances. You can also scatter dried mint around common ant areas. Ants hate the smell of mint.

Step9 Keep your home clean! Especially of crumbs, sugar and grease.

How To Get Rid Of Ants | eHow.com
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