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The walking dead: Obamacare

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Unread 08.19.16, 03:28 AM
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The walking dead: Obamacare

08.18.16 09:01 PM

I don’t know how many people called insurance Aetna’s decision to follow United Health in jumping off the Obamacare express between stations proof of a “death spiral” for President Barack Obama’s signature legislative “accomplishment.” I’m not even sure modern math has a name for that number yet. Suffice to say, I stopped counting after the count reached “humongaton.”* To be sure, Aetna’s exit, due to nine-figure losses and unsustainable cost increases Obama promised wouldn’t occur, is one hell of a nail in Obamacare’s multi-trillion dollar coffin. But proof of a “death spiral?” Not hardly. Obamacare can’t die, because Obamacare was never really alive.

Cobbled together from the rotting corpses of Hillary Clinton’s aborted healthcare takeover back in the 1990s, and the systems which made the Cold War-era Eastern Bloc a less than ideal choice for your triple bypass, Obamacare is a bureaucratic zombie.* It’s impossibly huge, it represents a threat to anyone who runs afoul of it, and it stinks to high heaven.

From the opening days of empty promises of keeping doctors, previous coverage plans and basic affordability, Barry’s monster has shuffled toward the grave. The majority of the public didn’t want anything to do with it. Health insurance companies sounded warnings about the fiscal burdens the system would create. Economists pointed out not even “common core” could make the math work. The computer system custom-designed for it failed, and kept failing. Obamacare architect Jon Gruber, the Igor to Barry’s Dr. Frankenstein, even admitted they were defrauding the public, and counting on our stupidity to keep us complaint.

But it just. Wouldn’t. Die.

Now, Aetna says they’re bouncing, the equivalent to a zombie’s leg dropping off while it shuffles in search of brains. Only the cash infusions taken at gunpoint from the taxpayers keeps its maw agape. At this point, Americans who don’t qualify for subsidized coverage, or enjoy one of the exemptions Obama handed out like candy to cronies’ nests like Big Labor, face searching for coverage they might not want, in a marketplace with weird hours, at costs they might not be able to afford, from a provider pool shallower than Obama’s conscience.

However, there’s no escaping the monster. Refuse to pony up, and you’ll face fines at best, armed government goons at worst. Even now, Obama pretends his creation is just misunderstood. According to Obamacare’s “marketplace CEO” Kevin Counihan: “Aetna’s decision to alter its Marketplace participation does not change the fundamental fact that the Health Insurance Marketplace will continue to bring quality coverage to millions of Americans next year and every year after that.” Forget gilding the lily; that’s flat-out burying the lily in horse excrement.

It’s possible Obama never intended for Obamacare to survive. A very wise friend of mine is convinced that the zombie was only a ruse, designed to scare people into the waiting arms of the government by so profoundly wrecking the system that no one other than the feds would be able to provide health insurance, thereby forcing the creation of the so-called “single-payer” insurance blanket. She’s hardly the first to suggest it, and she won’t be the last. Nanny-staters like Obama call that the “public option.” In the private sector, people call that “fraud.” Either way, we’ll have to pay for it through the nose.

Nearly every promise Obama made about Obamacare has turned out to be a flat-out lie. Both Congress and the courts have failed to stop the monster. Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has already promised to feed the beast, should she win in November. As voters, we have the weapons at our disposal to dispatch it once and for all. It’s up to us, kids. Kill Obamacare, or we’ll all be either walking or dead.

— Ben Crystal

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