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The poodles of war

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Unread 07.10.18, 11:39 AM
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The poodles of war

07.09.18 09:01 PM

In a rant which appeared in Friday’s New York Times, the editorial board of what many consider the global paper of record shrieked “Democrats: Do Not Surrender the Judiciary.” While still trying to comprehend how The Times’ chief muckety-mucks managed to conclude the Judiciary belonged to the Democrats to begin with, I slogged into an editorial which not only belied The Times’ previous claim that “conservatives weaponized the First Amendment,” it murdered it and threw it in the dumpster out back.

The Times referred to their screed as a “call to arms.” I say it was as outright an endorsement of violence against everyone to the right of the Castro brothers. In the second paragraph, they urge Democrats “to take a page from The Godfather and go to the mattresses on this issue.” I somehow doubt that in the halls of a publication as august as the “Old Gray Lady,” not one of of the people who green-lit that kicky little turn of phrase hasn’t seen The Godfather. If they’d checked with the film critic, they would know that “go to the mattresses” didn’t mean “help Sonny Corleone get a good night’s sleep.”

The rest of the piece is filled with couched metaphors and coded wording which is about as subtle as a bullet from a “Bernie bro.” The writer(s) dehumanizingly labels President Donald Trump, who as of the publication had yet to announce his choice to fill the Supreme Court seat of retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, as “toxic,” and the endless — and somewhat premature — leftist whining as a “fire raging against Mr. Trump and his nominees.” The left’s goal of obstructing any Trump nom is a “battle,” which ought to be “fierce;” as if any Democrat reading the piece would be fuzzy on The Times’ meaning after the vivid image of the president of the United States meeting a brutal end at a New Jersey Turnpike tollbooth.

This bizarrely hostile tirade wasn’t birthed in some Soros-funded, left-wing hate blog. It wasn’t the inane ramblings of Rep. Maxine Waters (Very D – Californistan). This is The New York Times. The penthouse of the left’s intellectual ivory tower. And amid of a spike in attacks by liberals on everyone and anyone who commits the crime of getting sideways with their dogma, from Trump cabinet Secretaries to kids in “MAGA” hats, they think the best plan is to recommend the Democrats go full Sopranos.

I suppose I should deplore The Times and their barely disguised endorsement of the war so many of their fellow leftists are already fighting. But instead, I’m gonna call their bluff. Enough talk. Bring it. And I’m not talking thinly veiled threats and weird impeachment fantasies. Let those freak flags fly. Campaign on turning America into North Venezuela. Make your entire 2018 and 2020 campaign theme “Vote Democrat: we’re socialists who believe in violence, hate, pervasive poverty, defenseless citizens, a suspension of the Constitution and an end to individual liberties!” Cry “havoc,” and let slip the poodles of war.

— Ben Crystal

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