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Give your memory a big boost with this simple tip

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Unread 10.02.19, 04:11 AM
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Give your memory a big boost with this simple tip

10.01.19 09:01 PM

You’ve heard the saying “a little goes a long way” before, right? It applies to preserving your memory.

New research has shown that if you want to remember where you put your keys, to stop and grab that carton of milk on your way home or even your children’s names as you age, a small amount of exercise has a great effect.

There’s no way around having to exercise if you want a healthy brain and better memory.

But the good news is that a little really does go a long way.

In fact, just a single 10-minute period of mild exertion can deliver big cognitive benefits.

Using high-resolution MRI, the researchers examined 36 participants’ brains shortly after exercise. They saw better connectivity between the hippocampus and cortical areas linked to detailed memory processing.

This may sound like gobbledygook, but stick with me.

You see, the hippocampus is the part of your brain critical for creating new memories. It’s one of the first regions to deteriorate as you get older. So, if you can improve the function of your hippocampus, you can improve your memory no matter what your age.

By improving the connectivity between the part of your brain that makes memories and the part that stores them, you can quit worrying about having senior moments, losing your memory or developing cognitive impairment.

What’s really amazing about this research is that the results were immediate — no waiting. In other words, as soon as you’ve finished just 10 minutes of light exercise, there is already better communication between the parts of your brain responsible for memory.

Isn’t that refreshing?

Finally, there’s something you can do that pays off immediately. And it’s easy!

According to the researchers, even doing light yoga or tai chi for 10 minutes is enough to boost your memory and cognition. Or you could simply take short walks throughout your day.

No mention of optimizing your memory would be complete without me giving you the details of my favorite memory-boosting hack.

I take 100 mg of phosphatidylserine, or PS, each day.

It’s amazingly effective. In fact, 64 blue ribbon studies have confirmed that phosphatidylserine is one of the single best nutrients to help rejuvenate your mind and memory.

One study even showed that the supplement could improve cognitive function, including learning, memory and recalling numbers, names and faces by 30 percent. It can also undo up to 12 years of mental decline.

So, if you want to preserve and optimize your memory and brain function, PS is a nutrient you don’t want to avoid. The phosphatidylserine supplement I take is Peak PS.

It’s time to start kicking your memory in to gear. Get started by adding 10 minutes of light activity to your day and take 100 mg of PS to give your cognitive function a big boost at any age.



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