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Think national, vote local

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Unread 11.05.18, 06:06 AM
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Think national, vote local

11.04.18 10:01 PM

(This is the fourth and final installment of a four-part series on how conservatives should view the upcoming national midterm election. You can read the first installment*here,*the second*here,*and the third here.)

Ninety-nine percent of the people who go into politics in Washington go into politics for politics’ sake. They want a job for life. It takes someone dedicated to personal liberty and small government to go to Washington and lobby that their own job should be less important, and that their power should be reduced.

Most go to the District of Corruption to have their power increased and their prestige increased, and even the most well-intentioned usually get sucked into the vacuum of politics.

Ron Paul once told an audience, “When young people come to me in my office and say ‘I understand what’s going on, and I want to be a congressman,’ I say ‘Don’t set that as your goal.’ You don’t want to be in politics for the sake of politics. Always have the goal of not saying ‘What do I have to do to please the majority who wants more government and vote that way?’ but to use [politics] as a tool to influence people to believe precisely in the principle of property rights and very limited government.”

National politics has become a Kabuki theater battle between parties. Instead of representing the interests of the voters and upholding the Constitution, politicians appear to battle over partisan issues while both sides grow government and take away our liberties. When it comes down to it, American politics is not Republican versus Democrats. It’s government versus the people.

I’m not one for flag worship, but I was very sympathetic toward the “tea” in the Tea Party’s adopted name which is an acronym for “taxed enough already.” But the Tea Party movement was quickly co-opted by opportunistic Republicans, and the anger of Americans at restricted freedoms has been turned on other Americans rather than the government at which it should be rightfully directed.

Even the most well-intentioned liberty lover is usually consumed and turned over to the dark side once he gets to Washington. Should you get elected to office and decide that you are going to fight for liberty, to have any power you must get a seat on a committee or become its chairman. To do so, you must build coalitions and “play ball” with the people already in power.

It’s then that it becomes no longer about representing your home state citizens. You have to raise money for the party, millions and millions of dollars, and even more money to keep your seat every two years. Then you have to bow to the party’s leadership.

In doing so, with every ounce of energy you have spent raising money for the party and keeping your seat and bowing and scraping before the likes of Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan, you lose sight of the goal of reforming government, or arguing for freedom and limited government, and you become a pawn of the Deep State instead. Now you are bought and paid for by big government.

We’ve reached a point where I don’t feel that voting does any good in national politics. Remember that it’s important to the actors in, and plans of, the Deep State that you vote. That alone should give you pause. Lew Rockwell likes to say, “Voting is the sacrament of the state religion.” They want you to participate in increasing their power.

Today, voting means you accede to more and bigger government. You are vilified and looked down on for not voting. Witness the rise of the “I voted” buttons you will see everywhere on Election Day. Oh how they want to make our country like the socialist utopia where voter participation is 100 percent! The opposite of the yellow star during WWI. Those who don’t wear an “I voted” sticker are supposed to feel ashamed.

I am not telling you not to vote. If you feel there is a candidate in your area that you want to support, then you should indeed vote. As I mentioned here, conservative voters should concentrate on finding candidates for state and local elections who will uphold the Constitution and are willing to take a bold stand for state’s rights and against federal tyranny.

If you feel you must take on national issues, remember that McConnell and his CINOs (conservatives in name only) want you to think they will put “strict constitutionalists” on the federal bench. Is now-Justice Brett Kavanaguh one of those? Not only did Kavanaugh help write the unconstitutional and privacy-killing Patriot Act, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of evidence that he is in fact a constitutionalist, despite every right-leaning media outlet telling you that it’s so.

This is why you must concentrate on electing people you feel will push for term limits and the repeal of the 16th and 17th Amendments which would end the unconstitutional income tax system and necessarily end the Federal Reserve, and restore selection of senators to the states where the Founders intended (no, elected office isn’t a job, and “experience” and “qualifications” don’t enter into the equation. These weren’t meant to be long-term positions).

A return to sound money and republicanism is what will save the nation. Yet, you should be aware of what most votes at the national level mean these days. For example, no one can become president of the U.S. without the approval of the Council on Foreign Relations… not even Donald Trump. The CFR and globalist banksters like*Goldman Sachs*and the world’s central banks control America’s and the world’s political processes.

These “Third Way” proponents have chosen their candidates to be manifestations of an organized and militant religion that is at total war with Christianity and liberty.

The goal of this religion is to amalgamate humanity into a proxy for “social justice” and “democracy,” a euphemism for tyranny over and oppression of the American people. Individuality and choice must be destroyed to make each of us a permanent vassal of the state. The state builds its political power on deception and false pretense finally leaving the people with no inner imperative to question or oppose the New Order.

We can’t oppose them by choosing from among them. If you vote, choose wisely.

Editorís note:* This was originally sent to our*Bob Livingston Alert*subscribers November 3. If you want to receive information like this as soon as we publish it,*sign up here. Itís free.*ó BL

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