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(Don’t) panic

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Unread 11.06.18, 06:17 AM
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(Don’t) panic

11.05.18 10:01 PM

Welp, we made it, kids. Despite an electoral run-up which resembled a 20-car pileup on the interstate, today ought to be fun to watch, in much the same way a 20 car pileup on the interstate is “fun to watch.” Today marks the latest iteration of the Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes. Granted, the same analysts who insist that today is the proverbial precipice over which the entire nation will fall if loses to also said that two years ago, and they’ll say it again two years from now.

Instead of sending you off to the ballot booth with some push piece which is really nothing but rehashed poll numbers and terrifying warnings of the imminent Apocalypse if the wrong candidates win, I’m going to remind you that America will survive today; just as she survived Hillary Clinton’s attempted heist of the Oval Office in 2016. Even if Hollywood manages to buy a Senate seat for that pseudo-Latino buffoon running against Ted Cruz in Texas; even if Oprah and less-important politicos like former President Barack Obama convince enough people in Georgia to give their Governor’s office to that lady who doesn’t pay her taxes but plans to raise everyone else’s; even if President Donald Trump wakes up tomorrow to learn he’ll be dealing with Democrat majorities in both house of Congress, America will endure. If we survived Obama’s regime, in which the POTUS actively supported America’s sworn enemies through both word and deed, we can survive a bunch of obscenely wealthy Californians and New Yorkers rigging elections for candidates whose plans will ensure no one else can afford to join them on the beaches of Malibu and the Hamptons.

Then again, while Democratic Party overlords like Soros and Winfrey can’t nuke the republic by stacking the legislature with bought-and-paid-for marionettes who will act like human roadblocks for the next two years, they can certainly push us a little closer to the point of no return. One “Beto” in Texas won’t be able to shred the Bill of Rights. But six or seven might, especially if they’re paired with an enemy of liberty like Senator Kamala Harris (D-Californistan) in the Oval Office.

A disgraced ex-Attorney General who ran guns to the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico says pro-amnesty Congresspersons are the right choice for America. If he convinces a few people to change their votes to “si,” no problemo. But if that same disgraced ex-Attorney General gets into the big boy chair in the White House — and incredibly, he appears to be planning it — he and his fellow open borders brigadiers could help his former clients open up shop down the street from your house.

A blatantly partisan media which has done everything but replace their chyrons with “Vote Blue” logos won’t turn every American city into a battleground for the mobs who have become the left’s increasingly violent foot soldiers. But a blatantly partisan media which has gone from shilling for the “resistance” to flacking for the Feds can definitely set more looters loose.

Even if the Democrats manage to come out with supermajorities in both Houses of Congress today, you’ll still have to go to work tomorrow. So, don’t sweat it. It’s only the Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes. There will be another one in two years. Liberalism can’t destroy the Republic in 24 months. Probably.

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