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The next two years

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Unread 11.08.18, 08:04 AM
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The next two years

11.07.18 10:01 PM

A couple dozen Republicans were purged from the House of Representatives Tuesday. Good riddance.

Republican politicians claim to be the party of small, limited government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, free markets, protecting the unborn and individual liberty. But when they are in control they grow government and the welfare/warfare/surveillance state while legislating on behalf of the banksters, corporatists and globalists and start and continue wars on behalf of Saudi Arabia and Israel while doing nothing to check abortion.

Republicans have failed to fulfill their promises of the last several years of repealing Obamacare, reducing spending, putting their bills before the people for examination and passing a balanced budget. They abdicated their Constitutional duty of requiring a declaration of war before sending U.S. troops to attack other countries. The wars begun under George Bush the lesser and Barack Obama continue apace and have expanded under Donald Trump.

The GOP establishment (GOPe) not only has no intention of reining in spending, its leadership has openly mocked conservative GOP members who have advocated for spending cuts and bringing troops home sans a war declaration.

While controlling Congress the last two years, Republicans have passed huge “emergency” last minute omnibus spending bills that would make Democrat politicians blush. They contained millions of dollars for the Planned Parenthood abortion mill and other issues anathema to conservative voters.

Their so-called Obamacare repeal bill – killed on a thumbs down from Insane John McCain, who writhed and wriggled out of his death bed long enough to kick American conservatives in the teeth one last time – was really little more than Obamacare light. While the bill certainly didn’t repeal Obamacare, as was promised, it was likely the last, best hope to put a dent in that malodorous deathcare bill. House Republicans had no more fight in them for repealing the bill.

They refused to fund the border wall – one of the primary issues for voters who put Trump in office.

Had Republican politicians funded the wall and fulfilled even two of the promises above they would have held the House.

The next two years will be years of gridlock, Democrat-instigated investigations and, likely, attempts at impeaching Trump and maybe even Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Those attempts will be fruitless endeavors begun not to achieve “justice,” but as show trials and theater for their leftwing base.

Nothing good will be accomplished, as both Republicans and Democrats will be preening and jostling toward the 2020 presidential contest and their congressional reelections. That will be good for Americans as it limits the politicians’ opportunities for stealing more of our liberties.

Here’s what I expect for the next two years:

  • Democrats will tie Trump up with investigations into his taxes and his history of business dealings.
  • House Democrats will make a spirited attempt to reprise the phony allegations against Kavanaugh in order to try and impeach him.
  • A bill to ban so-called assault weapons will pass the House. It will not pass in the Senate if it is even brought up (not likely, unless there is another major mass shooting).
  • A bill to restrict and regulate the purchase of center fire ammunition will pass the House and Senate. This will likely come on the heels of another mass shooting.
  • House Democrats will push for – and likely pass – a measure to begin the process of amending the Constitution to eliminate the electoral college.
  • The stock market will see a significant correction on the order of the one seen in 2008, and a recession will begin.
  • War with Iran (undeclared, of course). Trump’s foreign policy team is full of Iran hawks, and nothing rallies the base like a war.
  • Trump’s tweets will get more bombastic as we draw closer to the next election.
  • Senators Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, failed senatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke, former Vice President Joe Biden, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti and Hillary Clinton will all test the waters for the 2020 Democrat nomination. Most will run.
  • A challenger or challengers to Trump will step up for the Republican nomination from the GOPe. Likely one or more from CIA operative Evan McMullin, Governor John Kasich, Senator Jeff Flake, Senator Ben Sasse and someone unexpected with deep pockets from the globalist corporate community.
  • Alternative media will essentially be purged from Facebook and Twitter and strangled by the tech giants that begin to refuse to host the sites or handle their financial transactions.
  • More suppression of alternative medical treatments and regulations against supplements.
  • Doctors who allow their patients to opt out of vaccinations or who speak out against vaccines will be denied Medicare/Medicaid payments and other government business, and their medical licenses suspended.
  • New laws to punish Christians — especially those who preach from the Bible against homosexuality, the transgender lifestyle and abortion — by designating Bible preaching in public venues as a form of “hate speech.”
We live in interesting times.

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