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Bring them home

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Unread 12.03.18, 09:40 PM
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Bring them home

12.03.18 10:01 PM

The weekend after Thanksgiving, while you and I were sitting on our respective couches, dribbling the crumbs of leftover turkey sandwiches onto to our ever-expanding waistlines, the family of Sgt. Leandro Jasso, a 25-year old U.S. Army Ranger, was learning that there would be at least one empty chair at next year’s Thanksgiving dinner. Another family lost a son. Another American hero came home in a box. Another young life was wasted in a place that makes the South Side of Chicago look like the Cayman Islands. If President Donald Trump really wants to make next Thanksgiving something to smile about, he would end our colonial experiment in Afghanistan and ensure that all our Sgt. Jasso’s are home for the holidays.

As if dying in a place which has earned the sobriquet “graveyard of empires” over literal millennia of breaking superpowers’ hearts wasn’t appalling enough, Jasso, in the midst of his third deployment to God’s least favored acre, was reportedly killed by “friendly fire.” Jasso was gunned down by an Afghan soldier whom he was assisting against entrenched al-Qaida terrorists in the Nimruz Province. As anyone who has spent any time with the “army” the United States is trying to build in Afghanistan can tell you, “friendly fire” can cover anything from “randomly spraying the AK to impress your homeboys” to “aiming directly at the American.” Bad enough to give up a superhero like Jasso in return for “democracy;” all the worse knowing he was probably killed by the lucky recipients thereof.

Sgt Jasso was the fourth American fatality in Afghanistan in less than a week and the 2,313th of the post-9/11 era of Americans spreading “freedom” to a country in which little girls are murdered for showing too much ankle on their way to school. His death left less of a footprint on the American consciousness than former President Trump do-boy Michael Cohen and creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti. And yet, Jasso was worth more to our nation than all the ambulance chasers who have ever slithered across a CNN chyron. Consider the physical, mental and psychological acumen Jasso must have displayed to attain his Ranger tab. Now consider soft-handed TV lawyers like Cohen and Avenatti, facing 1/1,000,000th the adversity guys like Jasso thought of as light PT. We get Cohen and Avenatti. We gave up Jasso and so many others. In return, our new Afghani friends sent us a thank-you note in the form of a 7.62 round.

I understand the need to contain Islamofascism, lest it spread across the planet like metastatic cancer. But it doesn’t take a genius to see that 15 years and nearly 2,500 lives at Afghanistan has done little, if anything, to get humanity into remission. While all sorts of nefarious characters stroll across our southern border, we’re throwing young men and women of uncommon excellence into a meat grinder on the ugly end of the planet; one from which the chief exports are suicide bombers, heroin and hate.

Given Europe’s decision to open the floodgates to every jihadi who ever ululated their dream of sending as many infidels as possible to the afterlife, sending people like Sgt. Jasso to places like Afghanistan looks more than ever like closing the mosque doors after the muezzin has stopped yelling. Indeed, one is almost as likely to encounter Islamofascist foot soldiers in Cologne as in Kabul. Thanks to our open borders-supporting countrymen, California could be the next stop; perhaps followed by Kansas, and then maybe the Carolinas. What possible justification can there be for losing the Sgt. Jassos — America’s best and brightest — in a litter box like Afghanistan, when the stray cats of the world are practically scratching at our door?

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