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Thanks for nothing

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Unread 10.27.16, 11:48 PM
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Thanks for nothing

10.27.16 09:01 PM

Dear Republican Party:

This should have been easy. All you had to do was come up with a candidate who could beat Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is the worst human being to earn a major party’s presidential nomination in my lifetime. Given that her willful corruption is unmatched since the days of President Warren Harding, if not earlier, Hillary Clinton is probably the worst human being to earn a major party’s presidential nomination in anyone’s lifetime. From pimping the State Department out to billionaires to fleecing the starving children of Haiti, Madame Clinton has clearly never met a racket she won’t run.* She sold uranium to the Russians, guns to the Islamofascists and American jobs to the Chinese. She pocketed tens — if not hundreds — of millions of dollars “donated” to a charity which is shadier than George Soros’s WWII associates; all despite being “dead broke.”

She lied about repeatedly and deliberately violating her oath of office as Secretary of State, her activities while serving in that post and her responses to revelations that she used the gig solely to enrich herself. Her tenure was marked by a downturn in America’s resolve, capability and image across the world.* People literally died on her watch, and she reacted by dismissing them — and the horrors they endured — as mere speed bumps on her personal express lane to fame and fortune.

Now that Wikileaks has done the job the American corporate media was supposed to do, we know that there is no lie Hillary won’t tell, no crime she won’t commit and possibly no life she won’t snuff out to crawl back into a White House she disgraced the first time she and her serial-predator husband turned into their own personal party pad. I’d tell you to ask men like Vince Foster and Chris Stevens about Hillary’s treatment of her “friends,” but they were plowed under by the wheels of the Clinton Machine; joining scores of colleagues and critics who ended up on the business end of Hillary’s ambition.

Even her own minions have expressed doubts about the old bat’s mental acuity; concerns expressed by her own consigliere, Huma Abedin, that “She is still not right in her head.” Perhaps that’s why her campaign has involved chicanery by Democrat-and Clinton- operatives Bob Creamer and Scott Foval which make the Nixon-era “dirty tricks” look like schoolyard pranks.

She’s a monster; a brain-damaged sociopath who will continue pumping life into the Obamacare fraud, blood into the neocons’ warmongering and money into her own numbered bank accounts. In return, she will trample the Constitution, sneer at the limits of presidential authority and likely continue killing those who get in her way.* Hell, she even ensured her inevitability by rigging the Democrats’ nomination; casually robbing eminently more interesting — and less homicidal*— Senator Bernie Sanders as easily as she defrauded those poor Haitian orphans.

No one in their right mind would vote for a vile crone like Hillary Clinton given even a passable alternative. So you guys nominated Donald Trump, a braying fame hound who was actually a friend and fan of the Clintons as recently as 2012. With an entire nation of superior candidates from whom to choose, you picked one of the few who couldn’t dispatch the old bat with ease.

We’re less than two weeks from Election Day. The Democrat Party chose to follow the disgraces of President Barack Obama with a self-obsessed harpy who rode to the top on the back of a serial predator. All Republicans had to do was nominate a passably competent candidate. Even a candidate who only aspires to passable competence would have beaten Hillary by the curvature of the Earth. Christ on his throne, Republicans; you had one job!

Instead, you nominated a guy who is struggling to keep up with the wicked witch of Chappaqua. That’s nice work, GOP.* Thanks for nothing.

— Ben Crystal

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