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Doing the elite’s bidding

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Unread 06.15.17, 12:01 AM
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Doing the elite’s bidding

06.14.17 09:01 PM

It started with attacks on Tea Party members at rallies. There followed occupations of state houses, takeovers of college campuses and buildings. It morphed into assaults on Donald Trump supporters, Black Lives Matter, the blocking of highways, bridges and airport terminals. It sparked the rise of the fascist group antifa (which, ironically, is anti-fascist abbreviated) and morphed into attackers like the Portland train knife attacker and then the mass shooting at a GOP congressional baseball practice. The violent left is rising again.

It’s not a surprising turn of events. The progressive left has long held a violent streak; from the communists in Russia and China, to Hitler’s National Socialist party (Nazi), to the Weather Underground, to the Symbionese Liberation Army, to union thugs intimidating, assaulting and killing those who cross picket lines, to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Violence of this nature does the elite’s bidding. It divides the people. It keeps them distracted. Politicians know that if the people ever united against them their jig would be up.

Violence allows the politicians to pontificate on the violence and portray themselves as compassionate, understanding and protective.

At the same time, it grants politicians cover to further denigrate one side or the other, reinforcing the false right/left paradigm of the establishment.

The left is being ginned up by the ongoing fake news that Donald Trump colluded with Russia… that he’s an illegitimate president because of it… that he’s ushering in a fascist regime. Democrat politicians call Trump and his supporters racists and white nationalists and fascists – all the while encouraging violence and encouraging fascist tactics be employed to “resist.”

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch called on progressives to march, bleed and die in the streets and resist the Trump agenda. 2016 vice president candidate Tim Kaine said the left needs “fight in the streets.”

As the violent rhetoric continues, political resistance becomes violent resistance which becomes armed resistance.

At a rally Sunday, Senator Bernie Sanders called Trump “perhaps the worst and most dangerous president in the history of our country.” On Wednesday a Bernie campaign volunteer with a Facebook page full of posts, comments and memes supportive of Sanders and opposing Trump, Rep. Steve Scalise and other Republicans, opened fire on a group of GOP congressmen — including Scalise.

The elite use violence, confusion and chaos to their advantage. Throughout history, government operatives have covertly and overtly sown violence and used patsies and weak-minded, easily-influenced “useful idiots” to create chaos. It makes the people clamor for more laws and surrender their liberties. It covers the collapsing system.

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