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What war on Christmas?

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Unread 12.16.16, 03:47 AM
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What war on Christmas?

12.15.16 10:01 PM

‘Tis the season, my friends. From the first moment Christmas holiday decorations take the shelf space from the bulk Halloween candy, until the last Christmas holiday tree left in the Costco parking lot heads for the chipper, this is the time of year to do everything we can to keep from imposing our twisted religious beliefs on everyone else. At least, as reported by Campus Reform’s Amber Athey, that’s what Texas Women’s University professor of “multicultural gender and women’s studies” Dr. Mark Kessler would prefer.

According to Dr. Kessler, winter party planning is particularly fraught with potential microaggressions. In TWU writer Anna Ryan’s soul-deadening screed, “A Festivus for the Rest of Us: Tips to plan an all-inclusive multicultural holiday party at the office” Kessler commands not only should festive-minded folk avoid using the dreaded “C word,” but the “H word” is also verboten: “Holiday’ connotes religious tradition and may not apply to all employees.” Instead, the throw-downs should be saddled with the fun-murdering moniker “end of the semester party.”

Far be it for me to point out that the end of the semester is very much a holiday at Texas Women’s University — and every other college, for that matter.* And for the millions of Americans who haven’t had the chance to spend $25,000/year to major in “multicultural gender and women’s studies,” the end of the semester means that millions of “multicultural and women’s studies” majors will clog up the nation’s infrastructure for the next few weeks.

But Dr. Kessler has further newspeak to cram in your memory hole. Not only should cold-weather gatherings of a social nature be titled to avoid triggering anyone, their menus should also avoid gastronomic offense. Offer only “items that reflect dietary preferences and requirements of non-majority groups in your organization (e.g, halal or kosher).” Right, because nothing says “Happy End of Semester Day” like a falafel and curry buffet because there’s that one guy in HR who’s from Pakistan. And don’t subject any of the poor saps who actually showed up to the shindig to any seasonally-identifiable music which might betray what Kessler calls a “faith tradition.” Grandma can’t get run over by a reindeer, but anyone at the “End of Semester Falafel Festival” will probably wish they had been.

I know many of you believe that Kessler’s pooping under the Christmas tree winter solstice commemorative shrub is symptomatic of a liberal war on Christmas. I would counter that Kessler is symptomatic of the liberal war on something much simpler. Liberals don’t care about Christmas. Liberals care about Christians. At least, they care about their bigoted idea of who Christians are.

In the mind of a fun guy like Kessler, “Christians” are racist, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic rednecks with firearms in one hand and Bibles in the other. We’re John Brown as envisaged by John Steuart Curry, updated with AR-15s and monster trucks in place of the covered wagons. As ludicrous as that premise is, it’s enough to frighten Dr. Kessler, Ph.D. into pulling out all the stops to put a stop to the source of his fear.

Of course, Dr. Kessler and his ilk seem to forget that not all Christians have AR-15s and monster trucks.* By their own proclamation, the First Family of the United States is Christian. I’m fairly certain Dr. Kessler would rock around the Christmas tree if President Obama asked him.* I’m also fairly certain if President-elect Trump decided to amp up the annual commemoration of Arbor Day, Dr. Kessler would demand everyone stop hanging those pine-scented air fresheners from their rear-view mirrors.* Moreover, the Christmas Holiday “End of Semester” messages which so frighten the social justice set tend to be as religious as the Christmas Eve doorbuster sales at the Best Buy®.

Dr. Kessler isn’t afraid of Christmas any more than he’s afraid of holiday markdowns at the Whole Foods. He’s afraid of a funhouse-ugly image of Christians which he has convinced himself is lurking behind every mall food court Santa and desktop photo of your dog dressed up like Max from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Kessler’s foolishness isn’t new. Liberals have been whining about “religious oppression” since the first lawyer filed suit to remove the nativity from in front of a town hall. And most everyone else has been noticing the irony of people hiding behind the 1st Amendment while deriding most of the others for just as long. Every year, some social justice warrior gets their onesie in a knot over someone else saying “Merry Christmas.” And most everyone else goes right on saying it. Granted, for many Americans, “Merry Christmas” carries as much weight as “What’s up?” But to our leftist betters like Kessler, “Merry Christmas” is actually code for “Torquemada was a lightweight.”

The left’s war isn’t on Christmas, it’s on people like you and me. What they don’t understand is that it’s a war they cannot possibly win. Dr. Kessler of the Texas Women’s College Department of multicultural and women’s studies can vacuum the joy out of every party from here to National Organic Quinoa Day, and it won’t diminish our celebration of the birth of Jesus any more than it will quell fistfights over the last Xbox at the Target. Nor can it stop me from telling him, and everyone else who hides under the proverbial bed during the holidays: “Merry Christmas.”

— Ben Crystal

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