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“Health Care”—a Cover for Euthanasia

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Unread 05.22.09, 02:10 PM
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“Health Care”—a Cover for Euthanasia

05.22.09 05:00 AM

Murder is acceptable if it can be made benevolent, passed off as "health care.” We have long advocated that vaccines are an assault upon the people under the pretense of health care. It is forced medication through persuasion.

"Health care" in America is a system of killing off weak infants and aging adults. This is not largely suspected because of the disassociation of cause and effect. Nobody even suspects. The mode is vaccinations and inoculations.

If there is a very rare protest, the "authorities" just say that an occasional death is unavoidable and is for the "greater good." That term the "greater good" is statist philosophy that the people are cattle and some have to be sacrificed.

But mass inoculations kill en masse. It is silent murder as "health care." This killing system is being perfected and fine-tuned without so much as a ripple of protest. Would you say the "perfect crime"? Incredible? Yes, the more incredible, the more perfect the crime.

  • Autistic children because of mercury vaccines.
  • AIDS epidemic in Africa associated with the use of SIV—Simian Immunodeficiency Virus. (Monkey-human genetic virus.)
  • Two experimental AIDS vaccines have just been foisted on citizens of Thailand with a propaganda appeal for patriotism and a plea for people to think of "the greater good." The drug company goal is to force mandatory AIDs vaccinations.
  • Urine samples from hundreds of French children have yielded evidence for a link between autism and exposure to heavy metals.
  • Anthrax vaccines were forced on U.S. soldiers which proved unsafe and unnecessary. The deaths were admitted along with a wide-range of autoimmune disorders. Government involved in cover-up.
  • A new vaccine to "protect" against a common sexually transmitted disease in children ages 8 to 12. This is a vaccine against immoral behavior. What next?
  • The bird flu hype has been fanned by public health officials using fear to keep the public scared.
Vaccines kill natural immunity. Natural exposure to "germs" in childhood can lead to natural immunity and long-term health. Health authorities kill infectious microorganisms with the mass use of multiple vaccines.

So-called "public health" is a cover for mass medication and selective killing, at first "voluntary" and then mandatory. To understand what this means watch the movie "Soylent Green" with Charlton Heston and Edwin G. Robinson.

You can stay informed about vaccines at the National Vaccine Information Center, www.nvic.org.

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