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What!? Matthews says Dems ‘too pure’ for criticism

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Unread 12.08.17, 09:44 PM
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What!? Matthews says Dems ‘too pure’ for criticism

12.08.17 12:47 PM

According to MSNBC talking head Chris Matthews, the worst that can be said about Democrats following congressional sexual misconduct allegations is that they’re “too pure.”

Despite Democratic Sen. Al Franken and Rep. John Conyers being forced to leave Congress over widely publicized sexual harassment allegations, Matthews maintains that it’s the GOP which has a problem.

“Do you think the American public*are now going to see the*difference between the two*parties,” Mathews asked on Hardball. “The one publicly and*with some pain have expressed a*belief in women’s rights to not*being bothered by men and it may*cost them a senator they*respected a lot, who spoke their*language a lot, and they’re*willing to show that they care*about this issue enough to*sacrifice somebody basically*like this that they could have*used in further arguments, and*the Republican party, where we*just heard from the cynical*voices of Newt Gingrich and*Laura Ingraham, I mean these*people are quite openly saying*they’re not going to use that*standard.*They’re not even going to apply*the standard.”

“I don’t know how you can avoid the education in this. The worst you can say about Democrats is they’re too pure,” he added. “But that’s the worst thing you can say about them. These guys set too high a standard for public office. My opponents, the party of my opposition, they set too high a standard.”

Of course, what the liberal television host is really saying is that Republicans must force Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore out of Washington based on sexual harassment allegations if he wins the December 12 election.

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