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Will Trump become a lame duck before his time?

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Unread 12.14.17, 05:18 AM
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Will Trump become a lame duck before his time?

12.13.17 12:39 PM

Following Roy Moore’s loss in the Alabama Senate race Tuesday, the Republicans on Capitol Hill who aren’t busy cheering the shut-out of an anti-establishment gadfly are quietly fretting about what the outcome means for Democrat strength heading into the 2018 midterms.

The Jones/Moore election was a special case for obvious reason reaching far beyond it being a special election. But that hasn’t stopped gloating Democrats from claiming Alabama’s upset as a harbinger of a sweep for the party coming in 2018.

Democratic pollster*Paul Maslin, credited as the brains behind the Jones campaign, told reporters Wednesday that he believes President Donald Trump has a very brief window to avoid a coming GOP bloodbath.

“If he can’t figure out a way to turn this around, we’re going to win the Senate, we’re going to kill ’em in the House, and we’re going to set up the second half of his presidency where he’s going to be neutered.,” he said.

As far as how Democrats need to handle themselves in coming elections,*Maslin is advocating an approach centered on attack.

“The lesson is we need to keep being aggressive, fighting him everywhere. There’s no reason we can’t win Tennessee, there’s no reason we can’t win Arizona and Nevada. There’s no reason we can’t win congressional seats all over the place,” he said.

Maslin added:*“We’re going to have the onus on us, which means we can’t simply be naysayers. We’ve lost credibility in the Midwest, in places like Pennsylvania. The Democratic Party is seen as being out of touch, elitist, without any good ideas on economic or pocketbook issues. We’re going to have to give people a sense we’ve turned the page and we’re not the same old, same old.

“Rallying people against this president, this Congress and the people who are in control of the government remains a tremendous advantage and will continue to be for the next year.”

He’s absolutely right that the party out of power always has an easy time of running against the party in power. Why do you think Republicans shouted about Obamacare for nearly a decade?

And that brings up a good point. The only thing easier than running against a party which currently holds all the power, thus owning all the mistakes, is running against one that is totally dysfunctional.

That could mean all kinds of things– but right now, it means a GOP “relieved” that its candidate just lost a key Senate race.

“Relieved? Yes that’s a good word. I’m relieved and I believe a lot of Republicans are relieved that Roy Moore and some of his people aren’t the face of the Republican party,” Alabama Senate Republican Richard Shelby said when asked about the Moore defeat.

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