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Why you can't find organic milk

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Unread 02.05.12, 12:10 PM
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Why you can't find organic milk

Why you can't find organic milk

Get ready for some big-time sticker shock in the supermarket: The price of organic milk is going up, up, up -- and that's if you can even find the stuff.

Dairy farmers say the cost of organic feed has doubled since 2010. It's rising so fast that many have been forced to cut down.

When cows get less feed, they make less milk -- and then the laws of supply-and-demand kick in. Next thing you know, you're taking out a second mortgage to pay for your groceries.

But I want to know why these cows are getting expensive organic feed in the first place! The most organic way to feed any cow is to open the barn doors and let her out into the pasture to munch on grass all day -- and that doesn't cost anything beyond sunshine and occasional rain.

But that's not how Big Dairy works -- and despite any down-home sounding name on the label, organic supermarket milk is just another Big Dairy creation.

Those farmers trying to scrape together cash for organic feed are simply Big Dairy subcontractors -- and if they don't produce, they'll be put out to pasture themselves.

As a result, all dairy cows -- even organic cows -- are milked practically nonstop. They're locked in their stalls almost all day and stuffed full of grains instead of grass. After all, under federal rules only 30 percent of an organic cow's food needs to come from an honest-to-goodness pasture feeding.

Not the image you had of organic milk, is it?

But there's an easy way to stop supporting Big Dairy lies AND get the milk that really will do your body good: Give up supermarket milk -- organic or otherwise -- and give your money straight to the farmer by purchasing fresh raw milk.

Raw milk doesn't just taste better -- it's also healthier, with the power to cure digestion problems, asthma, autism, and more.

Big Dairy's paid-for legislators have made it as difficult as possible for you to get this stuff -- but you can get it if you ask around. Start by calling your closest dairy farm.

Farm fresh,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
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