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Americans For Prosperity

The Trump Administrationís Policy of Health Care Openness is Working**

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Unread 03.19.19, 06:55 AM
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The Trump Administrationís Policy of Health Care Openness is Working**

03.18.19 09:17 AM

The Kaiser Family Foundation*published a study*earlier this month on the costs of*health insurance*plans under Obamacare. The results are grim. Obamacare was intended to lower health insurance premiums,*but it did*precisely the opposite.* Millions of Americans are struggling to afford even the most basic plans on the Affordable Care Actís exchanges.*Despite*low incomes,*many*Americans still*earn slightly too much*to qualify for the lawís subsidies, putting adequate coverage further out of reach. Problems Persist For a*60-year-old making $50,000 per year, the monthly premium*for*the lowest cost plan is: $1,314 in Cherry County, Nebraska ó 32 percent of that individualís income. $1,237 in Teton County, Wyoming ó 30 percent of that individualís income. $1,070*in*Coconino County, Arizona ó 26 percent of that individualís income. Obamacare simply*doesnít work for everyone.*Americans*needs*an escape valve, rather than being forced to*choose between paying an unreasonable portion of their incomes*or*going without coverage entirely.** Fortunately, the Trump administration has worked to open that valve. A solution that works: Flexible plans Last year, the administration expanded short-term, limited-duration health insurance plans. These*flexible plans*provide inexpensive coverage*tailored*to*Americans*individual needs. What makes these plans so attractive? A few things: Flexible*insurance plans typically*cost 50 to 80 percent*less than plans found on the exchanges. They*arenít riddled with unnecessary,*federally-mandated*coverage. After all, Americans are in […]

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