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A Reminder From A Former Whistle-Blower: It’s Important To Investigate Media

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Unread 09.11.13, 01:28 AM
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A Reminder From A Former Whistle-Blower: It’s Important To Investigate Media

09.10.13 09:01 PM

Independent media outlet Boiling Frogs has criticized ProPublica, which bills itself as an “independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest,” claiming that the nonprofit took millions of dollars in funding from undisclosed donors over a period of three years.

Sibel Edmonds, government whistle-blower, publisher and editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the author of the memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, alleged in a recent post that ProPublica tax information posted to the website Cryptome could be an indicator of monied influence over the nonprofit’s news coverage.

Via Boiling Frogs:
Right from the start, with the government and the establishment’s backing they positioned them in the forefront as a major player by: 1-quickly securing $6,000,000 upfront seed money from secret donors; 2-smoothly establishing their shop-business as a tax-exempt 501 (C) (3) NGO with the US government

Isn’t it amazing how a supposedly alternative watchdog that is supposedly working to expose dark secret deals for greater transparency and public awareness happens to be a mega-funded business with secret mega-donors?!

I tried my best to comb through their site, hoping to get a glimpse of these generous funders who have given ProPublica $26,000,000. But, no such luck. If I were a betting woman, I’d put my money on the same-o-same-o mega corporate foundations- the 1%: Soros, Rockefellers, Carnegie, Ford … You know who we’re looking at and talking about here, no?

After allegedly being contacted by ProPublica President Richard Tofel, who informed Edmonds that the information noted was publicly available, Boiling Frogs revised its story in a follow-up post with more damning figures:
1- We had listed ProPublica’s funding at $26,000,000. Well, it happens to be much higher than that: ProPublica, during their first four years, received $37,000,000 in funding. They received $11,000,000 in 2012, and that brings the total for their four years in operation to $37,000,000 Million: Click Here

2- They have listed some of their big foundations- make that corporate-foundations, under a vague ‘Supporters’ page. Well, again, I was right: Ford, Soros, Rockefeller and Carnegie are there, but there are more …Hewlett Foundation, Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund , Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge … and check this, even NBC4New York!! To read the list filled with mega billionaires and millionaires check out ProPublica’s list of Sugar Daddies here

3- ProPublica also lists its partners. Ladies and gentleman if we had to summarize the list it would read: The Entire US Mainstream Media. ProPublica partners list include: CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Chicago Tribune, NPR, CNBC, Fortune, Los Angeles Times, The Nation, The New York Times, NewsWeek … Basically, the entire charlatan and propaganda machine called the US Mainstream Media. Not only that, they are also partner with Amazon! Please help yourself to this truly stinky list of ProPublica partners: Click Here

Edmonds goes on to suggest that the organization has little right to call its reporting a nonprofit alternative to mainstream media based upon its financial backers, the mainstream media backgrounds of many of its employees and its frequent mainstream media partnerships.

“An almost brand new business posing as a nonprofit alternative online publication received $37,000,000 since its operation began 4 years ago. This hefty $37,000,000 comes from all the nasty corporate moguls such as Rockefellers, George Soros, Ford, Carnegie Family, Hewlett Packard, Goldman, and the like,” Edmonds writes. “ProPublica is also proud to announce the entire dirty despicable US mainstream media, outlets such as CNN, NBC, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, as its dear partners in its operations.”

While Edmonds’ revelations appear explosive on the surface, a few facts make the story seem less “ProPublica is a sham set up to propagandize on behalf of elitist 1 percenters” and more “if anyone cared to look, they may realize that outside influence with a strong relationship to corporate media and big money could play a role at ProPublica.”

On its website, the nonprofit news agency offers a partial list of major donors that includes some of the names Edmonds pointed out. It also provides a list of mainstream media outlets with which ProPublica reporters routinely collaborate.

Also available on the ProPublica website are documents detailing funding, activities, leadership and spending, per Federal regulation.

While Edmonds is certainly justified in questioning how ProPublica’s donors and mainstream media ties affect its reporting, her tirade against the organization seems counterproductive. It doesn’t help that Edmonds has run, alongside her damnations, concurrent posts begging her readers for donations to her site — though she does routinely run these alongside other posts.

Furthermore, some of Edmunds’ objections about ProPublica’s ties could be used in arguments about why the Internal Revenue Service’s harsh scrutiny of Tea Party-affiliated groups was justified. (It wasn’t.)

The only real moral to the story is this: You should question everything you read, investigate for yourself and explore multiple sources before forming an opinion on any issue of consequence.

**Full disclosure: Personal Liberty Digest™ sometimes republishes ProPublica works that pertain to matters of civil liberty and Constitutional abrogation at the hands of government officials. We carefully pick and research the articles before posting.

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