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#BlackBrunchNYC Captures Racial Divide in Police Protests

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Unread 01.05.15, 02:29 PM
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#BlackBrunchNYC Captures Racial Divide in Police Protests

On 01.05.15 12:15 PM posted by Kelsey Harkness

Americans protesting fatal police encounters with black men took to a new location yesterday to shine light on the issue: New York City brunch spots.

Using the hashtags #BlackBrunchNYC and #BlackLivesMatter, protesters targeted midtown restaurants, which they called*“white spaces.”
We interrupt your brunch time to let you know there is a war on Black lives. We will not stay silent. #BlackBrunchNYC pic.twitter.com/LeDDQeEKGB

— Sharmin Ultra (@sharminultraa) January 4, 2015

Reaction to the unconventional demonstration locations was divided.

Some Twitter users rallied around the cause, mobilizing others to participate in the peaceful protests.
RIGHT NOW #NoBusinessAsUsual #blacklivesmatter #BlackBrunchnyc #blackbrunch VIDEO

A video posted by Yari Osorio (@yari_noborders) on Jan 1, 2015 at 9:18am PST


* Which side are you on NYC? #blackbrunchnyc is demanding you stand up for Black lives. We outchea interrupting your Sunday brunch. * A video posted by Sharmin Hossain (@sharminultra) on Jan 1, 2015 at 8:21am PST
ATTN WHITE Man, I have no guilt disturbing your brunch. Its YOU that has no right to be here. #blackbrunchnyc pic.twitter.com/mFRq5Q9hbe

— Camila ibanez (@QuePasaApaza) January 4, 2015

@drmcclain black folks are leading creative, nonviolent direct action that's spreading across the country. #BlackBrunch #blackbrunchnyc

— halle-erbyhallelujah (@misterkeelay) January 4, 2015

Others mocked the idea that interrupting a Sunday brunch would make a significant difference.
Give it to #blackbrunchnyc, they’re hitting the complacent bourgeoise right where it hurts

— J. Arthur Bloom (@j_arthur_bloom) January 4, 2015

The demonstrations promoted the idea that brunching is a “white” activity and followed the narrative of “white privilege” —*the idea that whites, especially white men, continue to have an advantage over other races and ethnicities.
Black people are dying *white dude sips coffee* #blackbrunchnyc #BlackLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/4rt8Mb3DAJ

— DAS RACIST (@dasracist) January 4, 2015

Inside targeted*restaurants, about*30 protesters sang and read the names of blacks killed by police, including Michael Brown, 18, in Ferguson, Mo., and Eric Garner, 43, in New York.

@blackbrunchnyc first stop Maialino. ??? #blackbrunchNYC #BLACKLIVESMATTER #blackandbreathing A video posted by Dyani Douze (@dyanidouze) on Jan 1, 2015 at 8:19am PST
Some Twitter users were quick to point out that many of the*Sunday brunchers probably were liberals who support the #BlackLivesMatter cause.
What I like most about #blackbrunchnyc interrupting the Sunday brunch of Manhattan libs is that most of those crackers voted for deBlasio!

— NYC Infidel (@NYC_Infidel) January 4, 2015

Liberals protesting liberals. Not really sure what #blackbrunchnyc is trying to accomplish.

— Matt Dawson (@SaintRPh) January 4, 2015

Others mocked the idea behind #BlackBrunchNYC, using sarcasm to poke fun at the demonstrators.
"What did you do in the race war grandpa?" "I made some white folk uncomfortable at brunch." #blackbrunchnyc

— Brandt (@UrbanAchievr) January 4, 2015

I thought all the #blackbrunchnyc was a new #diet by #moochelle. #tcot #gop #BlueLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/Pc2hpCsSF9

— Jeremy Heath (@JeremyLHeath) January 5, 2015

Too far “@Gothamist: Sunday Brunchers Targeted By Police Brutality Protesters #blackbrunchnyc http://t.co/hQD9S44Pzv pic.twitter.com/lwnDxsAroa

— Rico227 (@Rico227) January 5, 2015

I tired this #blackbrunchnyc thing today, so I walk over to my employees and sat down on their laps, as they tried to enjoy their lunch.

— SHANIE BOY™ (@Shane_Rodenbeck) January 5, 2015

#BlackBrunchNYC This reminds me of the time Rosa Parks sent back her Mimosa.

— jon gabriel (@exjon) January 4, 2015

On a serious note, some social media users were upset over the timing of the protests coinciding with the funeral of Wenjian Lui, one of two NYPD officers shot dead in an ambush Dec. 20.
So while #OfficerLiu is being laid to rest, idiots are staging #blackbrunchnyc Anyone else see how horrifically disrespectful this is?

— Jenn Jacques (@JennJacques) January 4, 2015

Others were upset with another demonstration across the country, where*protesters disrupted an award ceremony for a 100-year-old World War II veteran in Portland, Ore., by shouting — in a reference to Garner’s death — “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”
PUNK Marxist #BlackBrunchNYC Protesters Disrupt 100-year-Old WWII vet's Medal Ceremony: #Army #Navy #AirForce #CA http://t.co/S0rABzTYe9

— Croatan Sound (@Croatansound) January 5, 2015

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