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Is your heart slowly starving to death?

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Unread 10.09.19, 01:56 PM
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Is your heart slowly starving to death?

10.08.19 09:01 PM

Did you know heart failure is skyrocketing in the U.S.?

It’s a fact: The number of people suffering from heart failure is expected to rise by 46 percent over the next 12 years.

And the truly frightening thing is that 50 percent of those people will die in the first five years following diagnosis — just like an old friend I was shocked to hear about recently…

Only in his 50s, the news of his death was a shock to me. I knew he had developed heart failure, but I didn’t realize how bad his situation was.

When you have heart failure, the levels of a nutrient known as CoQ10 in your body are compromised. As your heart failure gets worse, so do your CoQ10 levels.

To make matters even worse, the majority of heart failure patients were put on statin drugs somewhere along the way.

Unfortunately, these drugs also lower levels of CoQ10 even further. That’s because, as statins inhibit an LDL cholesterol-producing liver enzyme, the same pathway blocks the body’s natural production of — you guessed it — CoQ10.

So, why are these low levels of CoQ10 a problem? Because CoQ10 helps fuel your mitochondria — the energy-producing powerhouses inside of every living cell — including the cells that keep your heart working as it should.

Without enough CoQ10, your heart literally starves to death.

You would think more doctors would at least advise their patients to supplement with CoQ10 before things got so bad.

But few mainstream physicians are accepting of nutritional supplements, even though the science is on the side of CoQ10 — like in this double-blind study performed in Denmark, involving 420 severe heart failure patients. Supplementing with CoQ10 was found to cut the death rate of heart failure patients by almost 50 percent over a 24-month follow-up.

Hospitalizations and adverse events (including everything from worsening heart failure symptoms to the necessity for a heart transplant) were also considerably lower in heart failure patients taking CoQ10 than in patients on a placebo.

The researchers even concluded that CoQ10, “Should be added to standard heart failure therapy.” And said, “Supplementation with CoQ10, which is a natural and safe substance, corrects a deficiency in the body and blocks the vicious metabolic cycle in chronic heart failure called the energy starved heart.”

So, if you’re like millions of other Americans concerned about avoiding heart trouble, it’s time to think about adding CoQ10 to your daily supplement regimen.

But before you buy just any bottle off the shelf, you should know that not all CoQ10 is created equal.

Some CoQ10 supplements can crystallize during the production process which lowers CoQ10 bioavailability, so you end up absorbing far less than you actually need.

You want to make sure you get what you pay for, as well as the benefit you need. For this reason, my CoQ10 supplement of choice is Peak CoQSol10 CF.

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