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Mueller fishing expedition continues

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Unread 02.21.18, 03:06 PM
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Mueller fishing expedition continues

02.21.18 11:44 AM

FBI special investigator Robert Mueller has filed a new set of charges against Trump campaign associates Paul Manafort and Rick Gates just days after it became clear that the Russia collusion investigation wouldn’t turn out to reveal evidence of wrongdoing by administration officials as Democrats had hoped.

POLITICO was first to reveal the new charges, reporting:
The new charging document filed in federal court in Washington could be a superseding indictment, adding new charges or even new defendants to the charges filed last October, accusing Manafort and Gates of money laundering and failing to register as foreign agents for their work related to Ukraine, among other crimes.

There was no immediate indication of new charges in the court’s online docket, but a public, paper docket book kept in the clerk’s office at U.S. District Court in Washington contained an entry showing sealed charges filed recently under the docket number for the Manafort-Gates case. The entry was undated but the sequence suggests the charges were filed Friday or later.

Last week, prosecutors*told the court*they’d received new evidence that Manafort took part in “a series of bank frauds and bank fraud conspiracies” in connection with a loan he sought in 2016. Mueller’s team said Manafort obtained the loan using “doctored profit and loss statements” that overstated “by millions of dollars” the income of his consulting business.

What exactly does potential bank fraud have to do with whether Russians attempted to undermine America’s Democratic process? Well, nothing really. But we can’t have all those Democrats out there looking stupid can we?

Furthermore, if the Mueller team isn’t focused on attempting to take down Trump associates for activities seemingly unrelated to the original investigation, it would likely be forced to look more closely at how the Democratic Party appears to have had more actual interaction with Russians than anyone involved with Trump.

And that would defeat the purpose of this entire Clinton-created witch hunt.


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