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What Hippocratic Oath?

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Unread 05.23.17, 02:32 AM
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What Hippocratic Oath?

05.22.17 10:17 AM

Primum non nocere or “first, do no harm” is a principal concept drummed into the heads of orthodox physicians around the globe. But most of orthodox medicine stands the concept on its head. Take as one for-instance the increasing numbers of so-called gender reassignment surgeries in the U.S.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons began documenting the numbers of gender reassignment surgeries in 2014. The society reports that 2016 saw a 20 percent increase in the number of such surgeries performed, with the total number climbing to 3,200.

This is just more symptomology from the orthodox medicine; the masking of symptoms rather than working to cure the ailment.

So-called gender dysphoria or gender nonconforming is both a physical ailment and mental ailment, but no amount of surgeries to remove, add or alter body parts, and no amount hormones to trick the body into believing it is another “gender” will cure it.

In fact, the rise in cases of “gender confusion” likely stems in large part from the onslaught of hormones and hormone-mimicking chemicals to which we are constantly exposed (whether it’s actual hormones in our food animals, or estrogen mimics like soy in food, pesticides in the air, fire retardants in clothing and furniture, etc.). These all accelerate puberty and then mutate female tissue and feminize male tissue until it mutates, creating a real health disaster that is being ignored and covered over by using more chemicals to treat the mutations, and by throwing money at mutilating the body instead of saving the sex we are born with — the chromosomes one is born with that make a person male or female remain in the body forever* — *from the cancerous assault on us by the industrial medical complex.

But change agents would have you to believe otherwise. When our words are manipulated, our thoughts are manipulated into false realities and illusions. We have seen in one generation the masculine neutered and the feminine reduced and the rise and mainstream promotion of the concept that genders are fluid.

Most people were not aware, because it was done gradually, that the erasing 0f traditional sexual norms began a number of years ago.* The subtle, almost imperceptible move includes the substitution of the word “gender” – a grammatical term – for the word sex – a biological term – as a distinguishing descriptor for male or female.

The effect is to program the mind. When one suffers from anorexia, she (odds are it’s a female) looks in the mirror and sees herself as fat. It doesn’t matter what reality is; whether she is normal weight or rail thin. That person creates an alternate reality in her mind. Anorexia is a mental disorder. One seeking to help that person shrug off this false sense of self would not reinforce that unreality by telling her she is fat. Rather, one would help her seek treatment for it so she could begin to recognize she is not fat and is destroying her health.

Likewise, one who looks in the mirror and sees himself or herself as opposite of his or her biological sex is creating an alternate reality. It is a mental disorder and should not be coddled or reinforced. Nor should anyone else be forced into accepting that person’s alternate reality as reality.

Physicians who thus alter the bodies of their patients are doing harm to the physical body while ignoring the psychological and emotional body that is suffering from illness. It is a blatant violation of the Hippocratic Oath.

Likewise, the publication of such numbers in the mainstream media serves to normalize this aberrant behavior.

But have no fear. Board certified plastic surgeon and report author Dr. Loren Schechter assures us that the number of surgeries may be about to show a decrease. That’s because of the rise of medications for children that will suppress puberty.

If dosing children with puberty-suppression medications is not child abuse by medical “authorities” and parents, I can’t imagine what is.

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