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Kellyanne Conway Praises Trump’s Stance on Women

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Unread 10.13.17, 05:31 PM
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Kellyanne Conway Praises Trump’s Stance on Women

On 10.13.17 12:46 PM posted by Casey Ryan

Kellyanne Conway spoke favorably of President Donald Trump’s attitude toward women Friday.

“He expects and respects different viewpoints, input, individuals [and] ideas,” she said at the Values Voters Summit in Washington, D.C. “This is the way he’s been a successful businessman his whole career.”

Conway, a White House aide to Trump, also said “I work in a workplace where working moms and certainly women are respected.”

Trump elevates women to higher positions naturally and has since he was in real estate, Conway mentioned, adding that and Trump doesn’t see it as identity politics because of how it is natural to him.

Conway talked about how her faith allows her to do everything she does and that God places people at certain positions, such as hers, in life for a reason. She said she enjoyed where she is at in life but also spoke of the importance of having a family.

“The greatest professional privilege of my life is to work for the president, the vice president, and this great nation,” Conway said. “The biggest privilege of my life by far is being mother to four children.”

Conway brought up the importance of conservatives understanding the current culture to attract people to their side.

“To attract people politically, you must first understand them culturally,” she said. “Show me how somebody spends his or her weekend, and I’ll tell you how they’re going to vote.”

Conway said she was a pro-life advocate and has fought against abortion for decades, but that sometimes it takes someone different to get the point across, such as “a Manhattan billionaire” who was at one time pro-choice in his adult life.

She also mentioned that she spends 10 percent of her time every day working on the opioid issue, saying it is considered a serious issue in the White House and that the Trump administration is working on it.

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