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We Hear You: Don?t Prejudge the Worth of Trump?s Presidency*

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Unread 03.11.18, 09:00 AM
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We Hear You: Don?t Prejudge the Worth of Trump?s Presidency*

On 03.11.18 01:01 AM posted by Ken McIntyre

Editor’s note: Many in The Daily Signal’s audience are fed up with the continuing malice toward, and underestimation of, President Donald Trump. Today we begin with a sampling of related thoughts. Write us at letters@dailysignal.com.—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal:*As Jarrett Stepman’s commentary suggests, evaluating a president’s foreign policy and national security legacy takes at least three decades after their presidency is over (“Survey of ‘Politics Experts’ Ranks Trump the Worst President in History. Here’s Why That’s Absurd.”).

It takes at least that long for the documentary record on these aspects of their presidency to become publicly available for scholars and the general public to examine and analyze.

Unfortunately, the preponderance of historians and political scientists are enthralled to the vision of government as a secularist utopia, and fail to consider the overall effectiveness and morality of presidential, congressional, and judicial actions.—Bert Chapman, Lafayette, Ind.


Obama is above Reagan? LOL! Somebody’s got a really wild sense of humor.—Deborah Bell
Survey of ‘Politics Experts’ Ranks Trump the Worst President in History. Here’s Why That’s Absurd. https://t.co/Pw0FDWBILi pic.twitter.com/rIt0KQuyxr

— The Daily Signal (@DailySignal) February 20, 2018

The question I have is, “What do politics experts really know?” Politics experts are part of the swamp as far as I am concerned.—Stephen Geiger, Bozeman, Mont.


They must be self-proclaimed experts, because their opinions couldn’t be further from what the American public thinks. It’s a bit like the Oscars.—Carolyn Cody Stewart

I always get a kick out of the so-called “experts” being quoted in any field. It’s sorta like the climate change scientists all being “experts,” when their data has been shown to be influenced by federal taxpayer grants.—Jules P. Guidry, Battlefield, Mo.


So, to put a president who died within a month of taking office anywhere on the list kind of makes it hard to think people on this committee have a clue. They may be experts (in their eyes and those of others who are impressed by the use of the word), but I wouldn’t bother to read any of their opinions.—Amy Little


Anyone contributing to this poll who named a president already on Mount Rushmore as one who should be added was clearly too ignorant to be included in the poll and should have been disqualified.—Mac Hayes
History has a way of vindicating great presidents. So don’t prejudge Trump. https://t.co/IUTrBhdmsc via @ThisAmerPres @DailySignal Now if you could just convince the haters to take a step back…draw a breath…but that won't happen, unfortunately.

— ?? #NotABot – Duh ?? (@jj20101) February 20, 2018

What Makes a Great President

Dear Daily Signal:*In regard to Richard Lim’s commentary on the ranking of American presidents, every president laid stepping stones for our nation to continue as a republic (“History Has a Way of Vindicating Great Presidents. So Don’t Prejudge Trump.”). What happens next is whatever we choose. Can we get pass dirt-slinging and back to the civil tones of President Eisenhower? He was misjudged while he held the course of civility to grow Americans.—Thom Cady, Fort Myers, Fla.


The “Reagan era” was scoffed at, and the media was harsh with the “Bonzo” rhetoric. Trump’s service is ridiculed so strongly that it is almost a treasonist activity. We need to vote our heads and our hearts, particularly if we love our country and ourselves.—Karin Callaway


This goes for those who support Trump as well as those who oppose him. Let’s see where the stock market is in January 2021 before getting too excited about how good he’s supposedly been for the economy.—Kevin W. Parker, Greenbelt, Md.


I find it concerning and disgusting that too many people in our country have refused to support Trump as our president. He is doing a tremendous job, and in spite of more opposition that any president in my time has had to handle.—Carolyn Cody Stewart
All I can say is thank God for Trump & the outstanding leadership he is bringing to the agencies. EXCELLENT article!
The weaponization of EPA is over: An exclusive interview with @EPAScottPruitt. https://t.co/IuM7mBajlS via @RobertBluey @DailySignal

— Linda Wiseman-Jones (@LindaWisemanJo2) February 27, 2018

Scott Pruitt at the EPA

Dear Daily Signal: Wow, who would believe that so many commonsense reforms could produce such drastic and positive results in so short a time (“The Weaponization of the EPA is Over: An Exclusive Interview With Scott Pruitt”)? Seeing Rob Bluey’s interview with* EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, I am impressed by Pruitt’s approach to reform and dedication to both the environment and business, proving that solutions can be positive for both.—Derek Dubasik


I have been developing and building commercial and residential sites for nearly 30 years, and can’t say how refreshing this is. I just hope it will last longer than eight years.—Tom Antoine


Good job so far, Scott Pruitt, including supporting the small farmers and landowners. But there was no mention of the big corporations like Monsanto in the interview.—Steve Hernon


Well done, Scott Pruitt, and thank you to The Heritage Foundation for highlighting this EPA story for us.—Mike Briggs, San Diego


The EPA’s attention hopefully will be focused away from private landowners and “protect” the lands under federal control. In time, I also hope all that federal land will be ceded to the states, where people are interested in preserving it.—Gene Ralno
The best rundown of the CPAC Straw Poll comes from @DailySignal #CPAC2018 https://t.co/VVMWrvWy82

— Alec Sears (@SearsAl) February 25, 2018

Trump and Conservative Activists

Dear Daily Signal: I say to President Trump: Please don’t listen to those old Washington establishment fuddy-duddys at the Conservative Political Action Conference included in Fred Lucas’ report (“CPAC Straw Poll Shows High Approval of Trump’s Policies, Caution on His Tweets”). Keep tweeting. We love it.—Joe Tropea, Miami Beach, Fla.


President Trump’s policies are those of a commonsense, seasoned businessman. He’s not running for re-election. He’s working to get America back to work and off the welfare rolls.—Tom Subler, Versailles, Ohio


If he didn’t tweet, how else would we get the message?—Phyllis M. Stewart

Trump and Civil Service Reform*

Dear Daily Signal:*About Fred Lucas’ story on President Trump’s plans, I have known for decades that the civil service needs a major overhaul, as* (“Trump Goes After Automatic Raises, ‘Worst’ Employees to Drain the Swamp”). These jobs need to be viewed as the private sector would view them. As with unions, mediocrity rules.—Joan Gibson, Morgantown, W.Va.


Members of Congress should not vote themselves raises. They haven’t earned any of their pay in a long, long, long time.— Doris Gray


These are rather modest proposals compared to where we should be. If D.C. knew what the term “civil servant” means, they would realize that bureaucrats shouldn’t be among the highest-paid employees, who can retire with rich pensions in their 40s. They should have pay and benefits more in line with nonprofits and be among the easiest to replace, not the most difficult.—Mark Simmons, San Jose
#USTOO Weaponizing #MeToo runs the risk of driving away Republicans & #Conservatives https://t.co/NP9KTRSGsM via @kelseyjharkness @DailySignal

— Matthew Schaefer (@MattRSchaefer) February 27, 2018

Liberal Feminism’s Intolerance

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding Kelsey Harkness’ commentary,*when the feminist movement started in the 1970s, it was a good thing (“#UsToo: How Liberal Feminism Excludes Millions of Women”). Equal pay for the same job, recognition where needed, even in the military for women in the ranks.

There was so much discrimination against women in the workplace. And as a young woman then, I was all for feminism, as I experienced discrimination as well. But this movement here, I am not a part of.—Tonie Lesia Dalton


This is a superb, in-depth treatment of the subject.—Peter Nyikos, Columbus, S.C.


Feminism is not a partisan movement. All it means is women are equal to men in pay, in job opportunities, in credibility, in sexual freedom.—Edward Buatois, Cleveland


Conservative women need a voice as well.—John Hogan

A Loan and Bernie Sanders’ Wife

Dear Daily Signal:*About Fred Lucas’ report on the loan to a college in Vermont,* Bernie Sanders was probably hoping that giving free college education would pull Burlington College out of debt by making sure their debt was covered with government funds (“4 Keys to Understanding the Investigation of a Loan Helping Bernie Sanders’ Wife”).

Sanders could have special treatment given to the college, had he won the presidency. The loan was made upon fraudulent numbers. They either needed a miracle or government funds to pay the loan back.—Randy Phillips, Wytheville, Va.


The court says Burlington College still owes $728,944 to the bank, but the college’s attorney said the debt is paid off? Common sense says that doesn’t sound good.—Tom Antoine


I’m pretty sure when this is all done and said, Mrs. Sanders will receive a slap on the wrist and maybe some probation.—Ronald Cleveland


This is a very detailed, well-written article. The long and short of it is that Jane Sanders padded the books, which is against the law, and might have used the influence and office of her husband as a sitting U.S. senator to help get the loan.— Wendell Fountain, Laughlin, Nev.
Parents lose custody of 17 year old daughter. "Americans can expect to see more cases like it," @RyanTAnd says. https://t.co/Wh1oE0C0tX via @RyanTAnd @DailySignal #GenderDysphoria Government taking custody of children over this is over reaching and wrong!

— Vikki ? #MAGA (@NRAVikki) February 20, 2018

Children and the Transgender Agenda

Dear Daily Signal:*The garbage cited in Ryan T. Anderson’s commentary is gaining ground because no one in authority appears willing to point out that there’s a normal stage of sexual development in the late childhood/early teen years (“Parents Lose Custody of Teenage Daughter Who Wants to ‘Transition’ to a Boy: What You Need to Know”).

In this stage, the child prefers the company of his or her own sex . The activists now promote this stage as “gender dysphoria,” to the serious detriment of the children involved. It has to be stopped.—Adrienne Adler Downs, McLean, Va.


Hasn’t the government interfered enough in people’s personal lives? Do people really want the government to have the power to take away their children because they think teenagers have the mental and emotional capacity to decide what gender they wish to be?—Jerry Zacny


Thank you for Ryan T. Anderson’s research on this subject, and for having the information accessible for parents.—Rachel Roberts Zaccaria, Newfield, N.J.


A 17-year-old child is still the responsibility of the parents, and not some court, until that child breaks the law. This court apparently has an agenda to push, and this case needs to move up out of its jurisdiction. Transgenderism is being found out as a mental disease and should be treated as such.—Jeff Pearson, Sparks, Nev.


How come the parents of a minor child are not permitted to control the non-life-threatening medication of their children? It is not in the interest of government to intervene with parental decisions that support normal biological development.—Mac Hayes

‘When Harry Became Sally’

Dear Daily Signal: About Kyle Perisic’s report on Ryan T. Anderson’s book and related remarks about the transgender movement: Grown adults can do whatever they want with their bodies (“Transgender Activists Conduct ‘Giant Experiment’ on Children, Author Says”). However, dragging children into this is wrong on so many levels that it’s ridiculous. This “experiment,” as it’s called in the article, is de facto child abuse.—Chris Bilardi


I can’t help but wonder if maybe the LGBT crowd isn’t the only cause of the so-called “gender dysphoria.” It’s been reported that one of the potential main causes that lead to school shooters, serial killers, and mass shooters may be an overmedicated society.

All of the pharmaceuticals prescribed for ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar, and depression is reaching epidemic proportions.—Dale Garland, Oklahoma City


Just one of the signs of moral decay in America today.—Randy Ingle

This is outrageous. What’s wrong with these people?—Ron Pribyl

Disturbing how this ideology, and any other “quick fix” ideology, gets a foothold.—Thom Cady, Fort Myers, Fla.
‘Not a Short Story’: Russia’s Invasion of Crimea Spurred This Young Man to Leave His Homeland in Search of Freedom https://t.co/03BFipko33 via @nolanwpeterson @DailySignal

— e.Diane (@Dianestraley) February 10, 2018

This and That

Dear Daily Signal: Nolan Peterson’s piece on Russia and Crimea is comprehensive and factual (“‘Not a Short Story’: Russia’s Invasion of Crimea Spurred This Young Man to Leave His Homeland in Search of Freedom”). It captures the essence of the Soviet plan: Conquer and occupy through strength and fear.

Countless millions were deliberately killed by Stalin. He was especially fearful of *Ukraine’s citizens, as they had been so valiant holding out in World War II. That scared the murderous Stalin.—Joan Gibson, Morgantown, W.V.


Rob Bluey’s interview with Armstrong Williams is is one of the better articles I have read since the election (“Q&A: Armstrong Williams on Trump’s Authenticity, Ben Carson’s Calming Effect, and Black Achievement”). Thank you.—Susan Elaine, Collegeville, Pa.


I’ll be very disappointed if the Obamacare bailout described by Robert Moffit gets approved (“New White House Budget Would Bail Out Obamacare”). I know I’m only one person, but I believe millions of others agree with me.

All Obamacare ever did for me was cost me more for health insurance, restrict access to prescriptions that I absolutely need, tie my doctors’ hands because of the absolute power of insurance companies to dictate what they can and cannot do, and cost me thousands a year in out-of-pocket expenses.—Jeffrey Buttke, Kenmore, Wash.


About Nolan’s Peterson’s report on fighter pilot training (“In Estonia, US Fighter Pilots Train for Next War with ‘One Hand Tied Behind Their Backs’”), I want a military with the very best commanders, training, hardware, maintenance, and family support network. Plus zero PC influence and enough personnel to be the best military on earth.—Randy Malcom, Limon, Colo


Sex is something beautiful that was given to us (“Polygamy, Robot Sex Are Consequences of the Sexual Revolution”). It is not to be perverted as Bruce Ashford’s commentary describes, as the Scripture tell us about in the days of Noah. You can read all about it in Genesis. This speaks volumes about our society today. Anything goes.—Tonie Lesia Dalton

How Are We Doing?

Dear Daily Signal: I like The Daily Signal and have recommended it on Twitter. But I do think that your opening paragraph of the Morning Bell email could use some attention.

It’s too lumped together and there’s no way to skim to see what you are really looking forward to reading and what can be skipped. We are all busy and need to prioritize our reading. This paragraph is the first thing we see each morning and it looks too busy. Just my humble opinion.—Bob Gibson,*Osprey, Fla.


What is going on with Common Core? And President Trump’s promises to put education back in state and local control?—Jerry O. Wilkins


I have no idea why conservatives embrace the amorality, the lies, and the incompetent attempts to “govern” by creating a new news cycle, and the crudeness of the presidency of Donald Trump.* It is not about party politics, it is simply about the difference between right and wrong.* Do your writers know the difference? I have yet to figure that out.—Martha Robinson


Just wondering why you don’t allow a “thumbs down” icon after remarks in the comment section? It would be nice to see how others feel on the subject matter.—Randal Foster


I get all my major news from The Daily Signal. It is my “count on” news source.—Susan Rose

Chrissy Clark helped to compile this column.

The post We Hear You: Don’t Prejudge the Worth of Trump’s Presidency* appeared first on The Daily Signal.

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