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Gun Rights Advocate: ‘Silent Middle’ No Longer Will Be Ignored on Second Amendment

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Unread 04.06.18, 02:11 PM
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Gun Rights Advocate: ‘Silent Middle’ No Longer Will Be Ignored on Second Amendment

On 04.06.18 09:16 AM posted by Amber Randall

It’s far past time for politicians to start paying attention to the “silent middle” and stop overlooking them, a gun advocate who happens to be black said during a Friday news segment.
North Carolina gun advocate, Mark Robinson, says he is the majority and defends the second amendment on @foxandfriends pic.twitter.com/OU4uL5IAjU

— Brian Kilmeade (@kilmeade) April 6, 2018

“What’s happening is that you have fringes on both sides that are screaming and the silent middle is just being overlooked. We’re over taxed. We’re under-represented. We’re disregarded,” North Carolina resident Mark Robinson told “Fox & Friends” hosts. “A lot of times are words are ignored. That needs to cease.”

Robinson made headlines this week*when a video of him at a city council meeting*went viral*after he defended the Second Amendment and criticized politicians who want to take away guns from law-abiding citizens.

Robinson explained that he thought he had to attend the meeting to let politicians know that he would not “sit idly” while they tried to take away his rights.

“I had to let the council know*how I felt,” he said.*“I*do not intend to sit idly by*while politicians make rules*that take away my*rights as law-abiding citizen. If I*commit a crime, I expect*my rights to be withheld. Until that time, I expect my*rights due to me under the Constitution and my government*and city and state.”

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