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We Hear You: Going ?Bold? on Welfare Reform, Learning About Guns, and Other Good Idea

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Unread 04.29.18, 11:43 AM
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We Hear You: Going ?Bold? on Welfare Reform, Learning About Guns, and Other Good Idea

On 04.29.18 02:01 AM posted by Ken McIntyre

Editor’s note: Time to catch up on some mail we’ve been meaning to publish for awhile. Enjoy the potpourri. And don’t forget to write us at letters@dailysignal.com.—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: Bravo! The voice of sound reason in the midst of babble (“Why We Must Be Bold on Welfare Reform”). The wisdom of Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James, based on experience and astute observation and learning, I fear is lost on the liberal media and policymakers.

To them, It is not about helping those on welfare, it’s about buying votes with the American taxpayers’ money.—Donald Miller, Seale, Ala.


Kay Coles James’ article is proof and evidence of what a parent can do for his or her child. She described her mother going to work and returning from work to care for her children. Her mother set and lived the “standard” that was the example for her children.—Lee Klare
Common sense from someone who grew up in a Welfare home.
Why we must be bold on welfare reform https://t.co/pcqwwgjYva via @KayColesJames @DailySignal

— Don Purser (@DGPurser) March 14, 2018

I caught the end of an interview with The Heritage Foundation’s president, Kay Coles James, on the PBS program “To the Contrary.” Wow, is she sharp! I am extremely impressed by her winsome, wise, and articulate discussion of some controversial and unfortunately often divisive topics.* She is a real thought leader, and we need many more with her skills and insight in positions of influence and leadership.

I was also impressed and pleased that Mrs. James pointed to the unfortunate legacy of Hollywood and other media, as well as fatherless homes, which contribute to the root causes of violence in America today. My hope is that Heritage’s studies and policy recommendations will come to the forefront of our national crisis of violence, and that our whole government will take coordinated action to incentivize corporate and local leaders to take action and save lives.

I will be praying for Heritage’s initiatives in this area, that they will be based on true wisdom and knowledge and driven not only by passion but also compassion.—Bob Marshall, Owens Cross Roads, Ala.


This commentary on welfare programs by Kay Coles James is one of the best, most sensible statements I have heard for a long time.—Lowell Clark


This is probably the most thought-out piece I have read in years. Bravo to Ms. James for bringing reason and the importance of family to the forefront of our country’s primary needs.—Timothy Farner


Great article. Welfare in this country is not “well fare.” It is in most cases an enabler for shirking one’s duties and personal responsibilities to family.—Joyce Melugin, Pflugerville, Texas
A Modest Proposal: If You’re Trying to Ban Guns, the Least You Could Do Is Learn the Basics https://t.co/7DDFxrGVxu pic.twitter.com/AJfchx3JN7

— The Daily Signal (@DailySignal) March 9, 2018

Learning a Few Things About Guns

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding David Harsanyi’s commentary on the public* discussion on guns, in any debate an opinion is most useful when backed by facts (“If You’re Trying to Ban Guns, the Least You Could Do Is Learn the Basics”). If you expect someone to accept your viewpoint, you are not doing yourself any favors when you speak from ignorance.—Yebrail K. Brennan, Orlando, Fla.


For things of this nature, The Daily Signal needs to provide the contact information for every outlet posting blatantly erroneous and misleading information. A few thousand informed and polite requests for a retraction will usually get one.—Pee Kellner


I started to school in 1948, and through the years we learned how Hitler and the Nazis taught Germany’s citizens to hate Jews and people who were afflicted with a mental or physical problem. We are now witnessing what the socialist training in the liberal schools has come to.

Students did not organize the nationwide walkouts. Hell, these kids can’t get from one end of the mall to the other without help. This was organized by CNN and the liberal organizations that George Soros and Barack Obama are in charge of. The network of liberal educators put this together in a short period of time.

This is the beginning of anarchy training of students and their dumb parents. If you loved your children, why would you want them out of school, running amok? From the 12th grade down, these are children, not adults.—Claude Pugh, Elko, Ga.

Ban guns to protect our schoolchildren? Well, of course, but every school has already been declared a “gun-free zone.” Easy, ban accomplished. By the way, how’s that working out?—Mike Mullikin, Fayettesville, Ga.


Why is the gun being blamed? This is tantamount to blaming a pen for writing a bad check.—George Quinn, Fort Pierce, Fla.


If the gun-banners were capable of and willing to learn the basics, the fact that banning guns was a waste of time would become inescapably obvious to them.—Alan Schultz
5 Questions for Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece, 50 Years After His Murder https://t.co/ts48FCtYqM

— The Daily Signal (@DailySignal) April 2, 2018

Alveda King on Her Uncle

Dear Daily Signal: Awesome article and interview of Alveda King by Rachel del Guidice. I don’t like admitting this, but her writing made me get tears in my eyes (“5 Questions for Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece, 50 Years After His Murder“).

Oh, the tragedy and sadness for Ms. King and her daddy, A.D. King. Ms. del Guidice is too young, but I remember the day Ms. King’s uncle, Martin Luther King Jr., was shot like it was yesterday. One of my brothers ran up the stairs to our attic bedroom to tell us that Rev. King had been shot.

Ms. Del Guidice nailed the key issues perfectly in her piece. Next time somebody calls me a racist because I support Donald Trump, I’m going to say what MLK’s niece reminded us in the interview that her uncle encouraged: You’re right, I am a racist—a human racist, and like MLK I believe in the human race and respect and love everyone in that race, whatever color they happen to be.—Jeffrey L. Gainey


It is so good that MLK’s message continues to resonate throughout society. We say that God works in mysterious ways, but God’s ways are not mysterious at all. They simply are not properly understood by us because we are constantly influenced by evil as well as by good.—Robin Boyd


A great story about a great family. We truly miss Rev. King Sr. and his son. A powerful family in our hours of need.—Russell D. Remmert, Baton Rouge, La.
Sex reassignment doesn’t work. Here is the evidence. https://t.co/L4Ub14HI1R via @RyanTAnd @DailySignal

— Jesse James Wilson (@jjwills2) March 18, 2018

The Debate Over Sex Reassignment

Dear Daily Signal: Why am I not surprised by Ryan T. Anderson’s commentary (“Sex Reassignment Doesn’t Work. Here Is the Evidence”)? As a youngster, I refused to play with the dolls I was given and threw some tantrums because my brother wouldn’t let me play with his trains and Lincoln Logs.

In today’s world, someone would have hustled me into transsexualism. Thank God that didn’t happen, because I have loved my life as a female and all that has meant.—Anne McDade Barrett, Denver


Thank you to Ryan Anderson for writing his book, “When Harry Became Sally.” I purchased it to read with my book club this spring.—Andrea Sexton


Since “gender dysphoria” is a result of cultural pressures (shorthand: “I like pretty dresses, but culture allows only females access to them, therefore I must really, somehow, be a girl”), the only lasting solution must also be cultural.—Lee Earle


Will the people who support sex reassessment accept anything as evidence against the transgender movement?—David Michael Whiteside, Saint Peters, Mo. *
25 of the Most Influential Women in American History

Happy #WomensHistoryMonth. Do you know all these ladies? https://t.co/mh4QbO8Wnz @DailySignal

— Loving God & Country (@Dserayes) March 29, 2018

Some of America’s Influential Women

Dear Daily Signal: Thank you for the article by Chrissy Clark, “25 of the Most Influential Women in American History.” Many lists have been published over the years of women who were pioneers in thought and action to right the wrongs in human society. One individual, missing from your list, has been included in several of these other lists.

Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer of Christian Science and the founder of the Church of Christ, Scientist, was a contemporary, mentor, and friend of Susan B. Anthony. In fact, Anthony was a student of Christian Science and owned a copy of Mrs. Eddy’s widely circulated book, “Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures.”

Thank you for your outstanding work in the areas that matter to the well-being and progress of our society and the world. Your articles guide me in my prayerful work for our country and its leaders.—Jim Wright


You left out Abigail Adams. Someone on your list should be bumped to include her.—Alan McIntire


Aptly titled “Some of the…” The list is not exhaustive, and does not claim to be.—Glenn Anderson
Hillary’s Latest Comments Show Her Disrespect for Conservative Women https://t.co/K45liBKdw4 pic.twitter.com/Q62u0fJGQq

— The Daily Signal (@DailySignal) March 14, 2018

Meanwhile, Back to the 2016 Election

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding Katrina Trinko’s commentary, why won’t Hillary Clinton move on with her life (“Hillary’s Latest Comments Show Her Disrespect for Conservative Women”)? She lost plain and simple.

I have never liked Hillary Clinton. But my husband, boss, etc., has never influenced my voting ideas. Ta-da: I’m an intelligent white woman.—Debra Davis, Taylorsville, N.C.


So very thankful she is not our president.—Peggy Malcom, Limon, Colo.


How dare Hillary Clinton go to a foreign country and talk trash about American citizens.—Victoria Queen, Springfield, Mo.


Hillary, accepting responsibility for your own dismal failure is the first step to recovery. I live in America, am a white, married woman, and I am smart enough to decide, without my husband’s demands or influence, to vote my conscience. And I am free in this country to do so.—Mary Powers Spraktes, Idaho
A look at the Democrat's vicious politics of personal destruction: the witch hunt to get Clarence Thomas runs on lies, the usual tropes used against Black men. https://t.co/rDZI4exjg2 via @EHSlattery @DailySignal

— Fabius Maximus (Ed.) (@FabiusMaximus01) February 23, 2018

The Hounding of Clarence Thomas

Dear Daily Signal: Great article by Tiffany Bates and Elizabeth Slattery about a great man (“The Clarence Thomas Witch Hunt Must Stop”). Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a true role model for all Americans, a man of principle who has been unfairly maligned for decades.—Derek Dubasik


As Bates and Slattery suggest in their commentary, Jill Abramson has no credibility. And, like so many politically motivated would-be journalists, she doesn’t like the truth. Justice Thomas is a man of integrity, and the accusations against him have been disproven. He has served the American people as a great defender of constitutional values, and we need more like him.—Wes Potts


Justice Thomas has done nothing that justifies impeachment since his confirmation to the Supreme Court. Any rulings he has made are lawful and constitutionally correct.—Mac Hayes


There should come a time that Justice Thomas is able to sue for defamation of character. He was investigated by the FBI and cleared. What more could you ask for?—Doris Gray
@DailySignal: Sen. Mike Lee has introduced a religious freedom bill that is designed to protect Americans who believe in traditional marriage from punishment by the government. https://t.co/ulJ4GViQwi https://t.co/q96Lt6WW1P

— A Christian/Patriot (@disciple78) March 18, 2018

Preserving Freedom for All in America

Dear Daily Signal: A bill to protect the First Amendment (“Bill That Protects Freedom of Those for and Against Same-Sex Marriage Angers Some on Left”)? This is nutty, but when dealing with leftist Democrats, any more protection of the First Amendment is welcome. —Les Gubernatio, Dallas


“We the people” have the authority to remove activist judges and should exercise that right. The Constitution limits government authority and power and protects our inalienable rights from being infringed.

But now that we no longer know our constitutional protections and let the government violate them, here we are complaining about people we voted to represent us.

They are in fact our servants and need to be reminded every day about that, not the other way around. Congress should be in fear of their jobs, but since we became complacent they abuse us and we just take it.—Bob Shoemaker


The First Amendment stands on its own. The legislation, and I’m surprised it got this far, is a supporting guarantee to all Americans. This is a quality piece of legislation defining America.—John Austin
7 Points a Virginia Lawmaker Made in a Speech on Guns That Went Viral https://t.co/tCkLasjZKt @DailySignal #AAG

— All American Girl (@AIIAmericanGirI) March 7, 2018

Speaking Out for the Second Amendment

Dear Daily Signal: About Ginny Montalbano’s report: Virginia state Delegate Nick Freitas is a once-in-a-lifetime legislator (“7 Points a Virginia Lawmaker Made in a Speech on Guns That Went Viral”). A combination of intelligence, passion, and eloquence rarely seen.—Jerry Benson, Lanexa, Va.


Thank you for your service, Delegate Freitas. Service to America as a soldier, service to your fellow Virginians as a state delegate, and now as an aspiring U.S. senator.

We desperately need more people like you in our government (as well as elsewhere) who comport themselves with dignity, honesty, and a firm belief in and commitment to our founding principles. Godspeed, fair winds, and calm seas to you.—John Besharian, Bryte, Calif.


Great speech by Nick Freitas, spot on.—Gerald Smith, Evansville, Ind.


A gentleman and a scholar and a patriot. How refreshing.—Mary De Voe


Thank you, Delegate Freitas, for that commonsense voice among many who have none. It is much appreciated.—Donna Leveron
He Responded to a School Shooting. Now He Trains Teachers to Be Armed at School.
https://t.co/bO1WPF7jW3 via @kelseyjharkness @DailySignal

— Jim Polk ?? (@JimPolk) March 28, 2018

This and That

Dear Daily Signal: Thank you to Kelsey Harkness for the video on the FASTER* firearms safety and training program (“He Responded to a School Shooting. Now He Trains Teachers to Be Armed at School“). I am a university professor of criminal justice and also a substitute teacher in a huge high school program.

I will pass this video on to school officials, department chairmen, and state legislators. I am very thankful that there are programs such as this one. I hope they will adopt it here.—Martha Gallien


Regarding Jarrett Stepman’s commentary on the school safety debate, it is doubtful any real change will come (“Obama-Era Policies Helped Keep Parkland Shooter Under the Radar. Here’s What Went Wrong.”). They just want to use this tragedy to beat conservatives over the head with the “dire need to get rid of guns.”—Linda Byrom


I greatly appreciated John Malcolm’s commentary on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant process and possible FBI bias (“The Facts Currently Known About Nunes Memo, FBI Bias Accusations”).

What appears to be lacking in this process is a description of the crime that President Donald Trump or members of his campaign staff, family, or administration have committed.

For those of us who remember Watergate, there were obvious crimes, obstruction of justice, breaking and entering, and so on.

I have heard terms in the Russia probe such as “collusion” or references to the Logan Act, but some clarity in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, if the FBI believed some aspects of the Steele dossier had merit, why didn’t they investigate those allegations and present their results to the FISA court instead of referencing the entire dossier?—Thomas Connelly


I enjoyed Walter Williams’ commentary piece on mass shootings (“The Real Reason We Have Mass Shootings“). I would add: Social disabilities developed through reliance on electronic interaction and anonymity engendered through increasing urbanization may be seen as contributing factors to mass shootings.—L.A. Richard


I am a patriot and conservative. I have actively campaigned for worthy Republican candidates. But I am at the point of giving up.

Washington is indeed a swamp. No one can agree on anything. Decisions are being made that hurt our nation. There are constant protest in the streets, fake news, and hurtful press. Daily bashing of our president on the TV news.

Constant chaos in the White House. Constant biased investigations and accusations.*Misbehavior by our leaders. Corruption by our businesses. On and on.

When will all try to come together in peace and harmony for the good of all America?—Pat Ellis
Cartoon: Syria’s 4 Horsemen https://t.co/shT9NamzC0 @Ramireztoons @DailySignal

— Matias E. Ruiz (@MatiasERuiz) April 18, 2018

How Are We Doing?

Dear Daily Signal: Is Heritage Action going to propose to lawmakers that something needs to be done about how the biased mainstream media lies to the American people?

The mainstream media is undermining, dividing, and causing civil unrest in this country. What they are doing should be considered treasonous and traitorous; they need to be held accountable and stopped. I don’t hear the White House nor any politician wanting to address this issue.—J.K. Ng

You are doing a magnificent job. I like it. I love it. I want some more of it. Thanks for your efforts to get the truthful news out to interested persons such as myself.—Norman R Noftsger

Thanks for The Daily Signal. It is a nice way to get the news without all the hype.—Wayne Guthrie

Great information every day. As a conservative businessman and politician, I look forward to reading the Daily Signal each day.—Ralph Andrea

This is the only real, truthful news I can look forward to each morning. I’m on the West Coast, and now only believe what I read from your source. God bless.—Marilyn Braun

Chrissy Clark helped to compile this column.

The post We Hear You: Going ‘Bold’ on Welfare Reform, Learning About Guns, and Other Good Ideas appeared first on The Daily Signal.

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