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Conservative Lawmaker Launches Podcast to Explain What’s Going in Congress

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Unread 06.16.18, 09:43 AM
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Conservative Lawmaker Launches Podcast to Explain What’s Going in Congress

On 06.15.18 01:41 PM posted by Katherine Rohloff

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., has a big idea. On Friday, the conservative lawmaker is launching the first episode of his new weekly podcast series, “What’s the Biggs Idea.”

Initially, the idea began as a radio show for his Arizona constituents geared toward opening up Congress so they could better understand what was happening in Washington. But Biggs is now introducing a podcast episode every week with a “Freedom Caucus-centric” angle, said his communications director, Daniel Stefanski.

“Congressman Biggs is always looking for ways to communicate with both his constituents and Freedom Caucus constituents to amplify messages on a number of topics,” Stefanski said.

Biggs will cover a new topic every week that will primarily center around the positions of the conservative Freedom Caucus, a group of lawmakers that he is a member of.

“We will also try to have a mix of people on the show relevant to the topic at hand,” said Stefanski.

For the inaugural episode, Biggs kicked off his show with the Freedom Caucus’ founder, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and the current chairman, Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., in a discussion about the Department of Justice’s inspector general report.

“The inspector general’s report that just came out was pretty hard-hitting in laying out all the abuses that took place there,” said Jordan in an exclusive episode preview for The Daily Signal.

Biggs’ main goal for the show is to “open up Congress,” says Stefanski, so people can better understand what occurs behind the scenes. He will also have a segment within the show called “Constitutional Minute” where he will take a minute to elaborate upon a certain section of the Constitution or Federalist Papers for his listeners.

Next week, the freshman congressman plans on covering immigration.

The show will be accessible on Biggs’ website and social media.

“People go about their daily lives and don’t are about politics, but Congress plays a key role in their daily lives and [people] know something is wrong and broken [but don’t know why],” Stefanski said. “Congressman Biggs wants to give them more information so they can be informed and enlightened so they can understand what he’s doing and what he’s up against as he fights for conservative principles.”

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