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National Rifle Association National Rifle Association, for more than 125 years the NRA has provided generations of Americans with programs focused on safety, education and responsibility.

National Rifle Association

Allow concealed-carry on campus

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Unread 10.01.12, 12:17 PM
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Allow concealed-carry on campus

Posted: 09.30.12 04:00 PM

Disarming victims doesn't protect them. With every spree shooting in recent memory, from the Aurora theater and Sikh temple to Fort Hood and Virginia Tech, occurring in a gun free zone, we cannot reasonably conclude otherwise.Everyone believes criminals should be disarmed but disagrees on the means. Instead of controlling access, colleges rely on colorful "no gun" signs, foolishly expecting compliance from psychopaths. Such policies demonstrate consistent failure, serving only to render lawful citizens defenseless while empowering criminals to prey with impunity.

Source: http://www.nraila.org/news-issues/in...on-campus.aspx
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