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No Room For Conservatives In The GOP

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Unread 12.10.12, 12:03 AM
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No Room For Conservatives In The GOP

12.09.12 10:01 PM

The Republican Party is no place for conservatives.

Conservatives reject statism, embrace small government and abhor confiscatory taxes. Conservatives believe in a strong military for the Nation’s defense (not military adventurism). Conservatives advocate liberty and personal responsibility.

The Republican Party is now ruled by CINOs (conservatives in name only). I have been telling you this for a long time. The recent Republican primary, in which a gun-grabbing, pro-abortion Northeastern liberal progressive was promoted and depicted to voters as a conservative, should have laid bare the party’s true nature for all to see.

It was a slap in the face to Tea Partiers (those not hijacked by the GOP and their corporatist masters) who battled against Obamacare and went to the polls in droves in 2010 to give the Republicans the House of Representatives, unseating several CINOs along the way.

In order to ensure their chosen liberal progressive candidate was the standard bearer for the Republican party, GOP elites and a complicit whore media propped up the candidacies of faux conservatives Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich while preaching the inevitability of a Mitt Romney candidacy.

GOP insiders engaged in fraud, dirty tricks and outright assault (and these are only the tip of the dirty tricks iceberg) in order defeat the only true conservative in the race: Ron Paul.

Paul was too conservative for the GOP. It’s customary for the primary winner to grant a speaking slot at the convention to the second place finisher, as John McCain did for Romney in 2008. But rather than embrace Paul and his liberty army, the GOP pushed them off the floor and broke its own rules in ignoring their attempts to force a floor fight over rule changes that will make it even more difficult for the non-chosen candidate to make headway in future primaries.

Paul was denied a convention speaking slot. Paul and his supporters were disrespected, harassed and abused.

The GOP and its compliant whore media — especially FOX News — spent the next several weeks alternately wooing Paul supporters for their votes and denigrating them as “ensuring the election of Barack Obama” if they didn’t abandon their principles and toe the party line.

There are some 5 million liberty voters and many millions more true conservative voters. They didn’t for a minute buy the lie that Romney was conservative. Some, though, held their collective noses and voted for Romney (or against Obama) anyway. But many didn’t.

Fewer Republican voters cast ballots for Romney than they did for the statist neocon who preceded him, McCain. Many of those who did abandoned their conservative principles to do so. They were blinded by their “hatred” of Obama and his progressive/Marxist policies — so blinded, in fact, that they failed to recognize that the guy they were supporting held many of the same beliefs, as do many of Republican Congressional members who today masquerade as conservatives.

In doing that they have emboldened party elites to push the party further to the left. Listen to their words. They say – falsely — that the party lost because it had become too white, that it didn’t embrace multiculturalism, didn’t cater to minorities, didn’t advocate for amnesty for illegals. In other words: Romney lost because he didn’t sound enough like the Democrats. So the answer for the party’s electoral woes, according to the elites, is to become Democratic Party light.

It is evidenced by Weeper of the House John Boehner’s sellout to Obama on the issue of tax increases and miniscule spending cuts in the fiscal cliff negotiations. Weeper Boehner’s counterproposal to Obama’s request for $1.6 trillion in tax increases, additional stimulus spending and the power to circumvent Congress on the debt ceiling was to embrace Obama’s previous $800 billion tax increase offer. Surrender is his idea of compromise.

Already a fascist party (as evidenced by its embrace of George W. Bush’s “compassionate conservatism,” bailouts, big government and unlimited wars), GOP insiders are now culling the party of the few conservatives that are left. Last week, the Big Weeper initiated a purge of Republicans who opposed the budget proposed by Budget Chairman Paul Ryan earlier this year because it didn’t cut spending fast enough. The purge drove Justin Amash of Michigan, Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, David Schweikert of Arizona and Walter Jones of North Carolina from their committee assignments.

A source told Roll Call that Schweikert was told he was ousted because his “votes were not in lockstep with leadership.”

The Senate’s most conservative member, Jim DeMint, resigned last week to take the reins at the Heritage Foundation. Heritage is a “conservative” think tank (that supports U.S. military adventurism in the name of the War on Terror). DeMint said he believes he can have more influence spreading a conservative message from outside the Senate.

I wrote in the second paragraph the main tenants of conservativism. These things are now anathema to Republican Party elites, who embrace militarism rather than defense, bow to Israel and Saudi Arabia when it comes to foreign policy, and pass laws that destroy liberty and promote the police state.

That is why Tea Party favorites like Allen West were defeated and others like Michelle Bachmann struggled to hold their seats. They — and most others — voted for an extension of the USA Patriot Act and for the National Defense Authorization Act, which suspends habeas corpus and subjects all Americans to indefinite detention without trial. They and most of the rest of the Republicans in Congress are anti-liberty. It’s not that they were too conservative. It’s that their actions outed them as CINOs.

Militarism and a growing police state are not the things Tea Partiers thought they were voting for in 2010. Nor were they voting for Weeper Boehner and a “conservative” Congress to surrender on tax increases.

But bigger government, militarism, reduced liberty and tax increases are what the Republicans stand for. And despite the party’s brand (the small government, low taxes, pro-liberty party), it has been that way since its beginnings out of the ruins of the Whig Party.

Some Republicans are calling for Weeper Boehner’s ouster as head party Weeper in the Congress. That is a fool’s errand. Any replacement will only be more of the same.

It’s past time for conservative voters to stick to their principles and abandon the Republican Party. It’s past time for true conservatives to realize the Republican Party is the CINO party.

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