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It’s Time For Conservatives To Abandon The GOP

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Unread 12.14.12, 12:36 AM
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It’s Time For Conservatives To Abandon The GOP

12.13.12 10:01 PM

Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus wants disaffected members of the GOP to know that the Party is doing the very best it can. And while conservatives may find his assertions a little silly, it’s important to remember that what he really means to say is that the GOP is doing everything it can to ensure the supremacy of big government in America for years to come.

Now that “toe the party line” GOP voters have had more than a month to reflect on the folly of running a big government, left-leaning Republican against a big government Democrat in a contentious Presidential election, the Party chairman is offering a blunt assessment of the campaign.

He said in a recent interview with National Review Online:
When you look at where we were and where we’ve come to, I think the RNC has done a good job. But I don’t believe that what we’ve done will be good enough four years from now. I think you can have it both ways — we did a good job with the time we had, but it’s clearly not going to be good enough in four years.

As for the overall question, I think it’s a team. When you say the Republican party, I consider that to be our friends, the candidates, everyone in between — and it just wasn’t good enough. Our job is to figure out what we can do as a team, all of us together, what can we all do better together so that we can have a decisive victory in 2016. That’s something that hasn’t happened since 1988. We can’t just wait for these Tuesday nights every four years where, if one out of eight states doesn’t go well for us, we’re done. We have to figure out what we have to do to give ourselves more opportunities.

Note in the second paragraph: “When you say the Republican party, I consider that to be our friends, the candidates, everyone in between — and it just wasn’t good enough.”

Looking back on the Presidential campaign season, it’s fairly evident that when Priebus says “everyone in between” he doesn’t include the vast number of Americans who hoped the GOP, despite differences, would embrace them simply for their support of a much smaller American government.

Yes, you’re thinking: “Oh, here we go, more talk about the Ron Paul disrupters.”

Bob Livingston pointed out artfully Monday how the Republican mainstream packed its primary with deeply flawed faux conservatives while simultaneously using every trick in the book to shut out the only true conservative in the race.

Now, Priebus and his phony conservative acolytes are laying out the plan for coming Republican victories. If you are a truly conservative member of the GOP, the news is all bad:
The committee members support what we did. They know we have a ton of work to do going forward, and they think I’m well suited to spearhead that effort.

The writing is on the wall, and Priebus’ words only make it clearer that the Republican elite plan to march forward with its plan to destroy any true conservatism left in the GOP in the interest of big government, the military industrial complex and corporate welfare.

Paul will leave Congress this year, and — as Livingston pointed out — the GOP is already making sure that no other noisy true conservatives take his place in highlighting the lies in the message of the Party by removing lawmakers who fail to march lockstep with the GOP’s big government agenda from committee assignments. A recent purge drove Justin Amash of Michigan, Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, David Schweikert of Arizona and Walter Jones of North Carolina from their assignments for the high crime of suggesting that the Party’s go-to budget doesn’t cut spending fast enough.

If you are one of those who spent the past several months shouting down the prospect of a powerful third-party candidate, perhaps your energy over the next four years could be spent more effectively building one up. That is, unless you like the direction the Nation has been taken under the Republicrat regime.

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