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Gold Rush

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Unread 12.21.12, 12:52 AM
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Gold Rush

12.20.12 10:01 PM

Gold sales hit new highs. The U.S. Mint reports that sales of American Eagles, the popular gold coins it produces, exploded in November, hitting their highest level in more than two years. The Royal Canadian Mint says that sales of the gold Maple Leaf were also up dramatically last month. I donít think itís a coincidence that this follows on the heels of Barack Obamaís re-election. Do you?

Who will be the new secretary of state? It looks like there wonít be any nasty confirmation hearings for Susan Rice, our embattled ambassador to the United Nations. She has asked President Barack Obama to remove her name from consideration to replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. That means that Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, now becomes the leading candidate for the post. If Kerry does get the nomination, I wonder if anyone from the Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth will be asked to testify at his hearings. Remember how they torpedoed Kerryís campaign for the Presidency in 2004?

Thank you, Jim DeMint. One of the staunchest conservatives in the Senate, Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), announced that he is resigning his post at the end of the year to become the president of the Heritage Foundation, the influential Washington-based think tank. DeMint and the Senate Conservatives Fund which he founded were early supporters of such anti-establishment candidates as Rand Paul in Kentucky, Ted Cruz in Texas, Mike Lee in Utah, Marco Rubio in Florida and Jeff Flake in Arizona. Thanks for a great job, Jim! Letís hope that Erick Erickson, editor of RedState.com, was correct in saying the change means that ďJim DeMintís power in the conservative movement just grew exponentially.Ē

DeMintís noteworthy successor. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has named Representative Tim Scott to replace DeMint. Scott, an outspoken conservative and Tea Party favorite, will be the first black Senator from the South since Reconstruction. In fact, he will be the only black Senator in the new Congress. He will serve until 2014, when there will be a special election for the seat.

–Chip Wood

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