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Personal Liberty

Beware Taking On Debt

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Unread 12.24.12, 08:46 AM
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Beware Taking On Debt

12.23.12 10:01 PM

Dear Bob,

I am at a financial CROSSROAD and am going “nuts” trying to figure out what the best way to go may be.*

I have a second mortgage on my home of approx. $44,000 and (at the same time) I have a total of about $43,000 (spread across 3 different investments: Merrill Edge, Charles Schwab, and an IRA at Chase Morgan).*** Do I cash everything in and pay the second mortgage, …… or just leave everything where it is?

Another idea I had was to purchase any type of 2-bdrm sound structure with a little bit of land (no matter how little)… “down South”… maybe in North Carolina or Tennessee.* The prices down there seem to be EXTREMELY low these days.** Why?* In case the country SPLITS, I see the South becoming its own country… again!** And… it looks like most of the conservatives may just be in the South.* I don’t like the heat down there, but I definitely do not want to end being surrounded by communist liberals….no matter how mild the weather may be.

I REALLY hope I won’t get “….sorry, but I cannot give you financial advise”… back.* I’m just an old woman, by myself* trying desperately to get somewhat ready for the upcoming disaster (financial, social, and every other way one can think of).*** One would have to be blind not to see (and feel) that something terrible is coming.

I TRULY hope you can give me some direction on this.** The above* is ALL I have in the world and don’t want to do the wrong thing, especially “now”.*


Mrs. S. Winberry

Dear Mrs. Winberry,

I am sorry but the lawyers will not allow me to give individual financial advice. I will say this: You should be leery of taking on more debt.

Best wishes,


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