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Guns And Obama: The Stand

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Unread 01.09.13, 10:49 PM
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Guns And Obama: The Stand

01.09.13 10:01 PM

The Newtown, Conn., massacre has touched off a new front in the liberal assault on our most basic freedoms. And this time, the cult of personality around President Barack Obama and his accomplices appears to have rendered them all impervious to not only criticism, but even simple justice. Not only have they used the mindless fealty of their liberal subjects to avoid answering for crimes like Operation Fast and Furious and Benghazi, Libya, they’ve deflected attention from those disgraces by turning the Newtown victims into political carrion.

The reality is that the Democrats’ war on the Bill of Rights isn’t markedly different from their efforts to punish success and achievement in order to pay for “Obama phones” and Detroit. But their macabre use of human suffering to further their nefarious goals — while fairly predictable — has never coincided with a perfect storm like this one: a criminal President who actually believes he’s above the law and the Constitution, a Democratic Party bent on subjugation of the people and an electorate willing to trade freedom for perceived security.

Hence, Senator Dianne Feinstein’s opening salvo: a bill that would not only restore the useless so-called “assault weapons ban” but take it to its fascist extreme — with national registries, magazine restrictions and the rest of the Democratic list of meaninglessly symbolic gestures that have been repeatedly proven to exert no discernible effect on actual violence and actual crime. (See also: gun Grabber paradises like Chicago and Washington, D.C.)

But former concealed-carry permit holders like Feinstein are just the tip of the projectile. Behind her, Obama charges ahead, flanked by cohorts like the anti-Constitutionalists in the Brady Campaign, media sock puppets who use phrases like “gun violence” and the very same masses of liberal sheep who consistently vote to keep in power the architects of violence and poverty who now claim high-capacity magazines and so-called “assault rifles” are the cause of the problems they themselves deliberately exacerbate. And recent Obama tactics such as Vice President Joe Biden’s so-called “task force,” in concert with fire from Democratic legislators like Feinstein and Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) expose a push toward a Federal attempt to disarm the populace.

If Obama and his cretins’ attempts to grab your guns give you the willies, consider this response to their best laid plans: “Taking my guns? You and what army?” Certainly not the U.S. Army. While Obama clearly believes he lives beyond the reach of the Constitution, I doubt he can convince the U.S. military to violate Posse Comitatus based on his whimsy. Despite Obama’s delusions, I suspect the overwhelming majority of servicemen and servicewomen, many of whom own firearms privately, would be loath to break down their own doors — not to mention those of their comrades, active and retired. If the Democrats want to take that up with the 1st Ranger Battalion, they’re welcome to it.

Of course, Obama could follow the example set by Bill Clinton — aka “the first black President” — and “go Waco” on the gun-owning population. But the gun-owning population is a great deal bigger than a handful of religious kooks on a compound. There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 270 million firearms in private citizens’ hands in the United States. Even if Obama does try to restage Tiananmen Square domestically, the results would be the kind of catastrophe that usually involves Occupy protestors and defenseless teenage girls.

Of course, any attempt by Obama and his cronies to abrogate the Bill of Rights by force of arms would physically tear the Nation apart. To suggest such a plan would be the equivalent of suggesting the 22nd Amendment should be eliminated to keep Obama in office in perpetuity — not that anyone would ever dream of such a colossal error in judgment. (I’m looking at you, Representative Jose Serrano [D-N.Y.].) An attempted government gun grab would likely lead to armed insurrection. A Democratic attempt to violate both the spirit and the letter of the law in such a manner would be an exceptionally bad idea. So they’ll probably try exactly that. Lock and load, kiddies.

–Ben Crystal

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