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Personal Liberty

Donít Buy Piers Morganís Lies (And Those Of The Other Gun Grabbers)

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Unread 01.11.13, 07:07 AM
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Donít Buy Piers Morganís Lies (And Those Of The Other Gun Grabbers)

01.10.13 10:01 PM

Surprise, surprise. The gun grabbers are lying.

On his regular nightly show on CNN, Piers Morgan loves to cite the figure that there were only 35 ďgun mudahsĒ in Great Britain in 2011. Heís wrong. He loves to say there were more than 11,000 ďgun mudahsĒ in the United States in 2011. Wrong again.

Because of the incessant parroting of these figures by Morgan and all the other gun grabbing propagandists in the mainstream media, these figures have become accepted as gospel.

Hereís the truth, thanks to Ben Swann of Cincinnatiís Fox19.

But remember that protection from criminals is not the reason the 2nd Amendment was included in a Bill of Rights that outlines the rights all people are born with. Nor is hunting. The Founding Fathers sought to ensure there was no mistaking that Americans would always have the ability to defend themselves from a tyrannical government and that no laws could be passed that ďinfringedĒ upon that right.

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