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Cower, Lock The Door, Grab The Scissors, Act Like A Sheep

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Unread 02.01.13, 01:34 AM
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Cower, Lock The Door, Grab The Scissors, Act Like A Sheep

01.31.13 10:01 PM

The Department of Homeland Security has new advice for those unfortunate enough to find themselves in a situation where their workplace is being shot to pieces by a crazed gunman: cower under the desk, lock the door, grab the scissors, hope you don’t get shot.

In a ridiculously simplistic propaganda video entitled “Options for Consideration,” DHS mentions recent mass shootings — all of which occurred in gun-free zones — and gives instructions on the best ways to cower in fear and hope you don’t get shot. The video description claims it “demonstrates possible actions to take if confronted with a (sic) active shooter scenario. The instructive video reviews the choices of evacuating, hiding, or, as an option of last resort, challenging the shooter.” The challenge makes no mention of pulling out your own personal protection firearm, but does suggest grabbing a pair of scissors.

The ultimate irony is that at the end of the video, a group of law enforcement officers wielding personal defense weapons enter the workplace looking for the shooter. Anyone running out of the workplace with hands in the air is allowed to pass. Meanwhile, officers are going into office carrying the very weapons the gun grabbers want to deny lawful gun owners.

The overall message of DHS is clear: Take no action beyond pretending to be a herd animal and hope law enforcement gets there before everyone in the building is dead or dying.

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