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Florida Cop: I値l Feed You To The F*cking Gators

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Unread 02.18.13, 07:43 AM
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Florida Cop: I値l Feed You To The F*cking Gators

02.17.13 10:01 PM

A sheriff痴 deputy in Broward County, Fla., unleashed a tirade of obscenities and threats on a man who he reportedly was investigating for causing a disturbance.

Broward Sheriff痴 deputy Alan Dubinski arrived on the scene to a disturbance call last July where Florida State Troopers had already detained Jessie Merchant (who, some reports indicate, has mental health problems) for allegedly running in and out of traffic.

Dubinksi said he had interacted with Merchant on previous occasions, and felt threatening to 澱eat the f*cking p*ss out of Dubinksi and feed the subject to alligators was the best way to deal with the call.

CBS Miami transcribed the conversation as follows (video below):
笛essie, I知 gonna tell you right now, your f覧 a is going home or I知 going to beat the f覧 p out of you, Dubinski is recorded saying.

添es, sir, Merchant replied.

的 see your f覧 a again tonight I知 going to f覧 split your f覧 skull f覧 with my flashlight, Dubinski is heard saying. 迭emember what I told you about the alligators? I知 gonna feed your a to them. I知 not gonna arrest you. I知 gonna feed you to the f覧 alligators. I知 taking you out on the Alley and I知 dumping your a. So you池e gonna die.

After 30 seconds, the expletives and threats fly again.

的 get another call on you tonight I知 gonna come in your house, I知 gonna kick your f覧 door in. You think I知 bulls覧-? Dubinski asked.

哲o. I知 just saying you池e gonna kick the door down, Merchant said.

的知 gonna kick the f覧 door in and I知 gonna come in there and drag your f覧 a out of your house, beating the p out of you, Dubinski said.

的 said yes, sir, Merchant replies.

鄭nd then I知 gonna feed you to the f覧 gators, Dubinski told him.

Just seconds later the tirade continues.

的 want to feed you to the alligators, Dubinski said.

添ou池e kinda scaring me, Merchant said.

的 hope I am, Dubinski says. 的f I see you again tonight, I swear to God God be my witness you池e a dead man.

添es, sir, Merchant said.

敵et the f out of here, Dubinski said.

The transfer was made public only after a Florida State Trooper who was on the scene deemed the deputy痴 actions inappropriate and reported the incident to superiors. *After an internal investigation, Dubinski was reprimanded and put back on the job.

The officer said of his actions, 摘verybody痴 gonna say it was improper, but it was effective. I didn稚 hurt him. I知 going to put it behind me and move on. That痴 how it goes.

What痴 most disturbing about Dubinski痴 remarks on that day, however, are his threats to kick in Merchant痴 door, drag the man from his home and 澱eat the p*ss out of him. As reports of cops around the Nation behaving similarly routinely result in loss of life and limb of not just scumbag criminals, but also of unwitting innocents, there痴 no reason to believe that Dubinski didn稚 mean every word he said.

Dubinski may have simply been kidding around and trying to scare Merchant. But if you think the officer doesn稚 believe he is above the law, try making similar comments to a person in a public setting.

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