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Al-Qaida Jihad Magazine Offers Tips For Budding Extremists, Insight To Western Hatred

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Unread 03.01.13, 04:12 PM
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Al-Qaida Jihad Magazine Offers Tips For Budding Extremists, Insight To Western Hatred

03.01.13 02:13 PM

Al-Qaida has released its latest installment of the Jihad magazine Inspire. The Spring 2013 issue seeks to inform the extremist faithful in all manner of havoc tactics, from ticking off insurance companies by burning American cars to pulling off high profile political assassinations.

Along with ridiculous articles in the magazine giving advice to wannabe jihadists, included essays offer insight about how al-Qaida views Western military action in countries in North Africa and the Mideast. The presence of Western militaries in heavily Muslim nations, it seems, provides plenty of propaganda fodder for the magazine’s producers.

The following are excerpts from articles published in Inspire.

From “France, the Imbecile Invader” on page 16 which describes the French invasion of Mali as a religious crusade:
It would have been appropriate or France to remember the lessons from its colonial era and how it faced jihad, force and resistance especially in Algeria. France should have taken into consideration the blessed jihad incidents against Italy in the early last century, when it occupied Libya. France should remember the guerilla war fought under the leadership of the Lion of the Desert, Omar Mukhtar. France should have backed away and retire after it has gulped the bitterness of defeat in Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban mujahideen. It should have turned its attention to its crumbling economy especially that the Euro Zone is in a deep recession as a result of a decade plus war in Afghanistan and Iraq. France should have comprehended that the jihadi movements in the Muslim world, especially Al-Qaeda, are stronger than to be beaten in a rapid deployment. There are many considerations which it had to put into its mind before engaging in a direct war in Mali.

From “The American Army & War Ethics” on page 26:
The burning of copies of the Holy Quran in Bagram Base isn’t the first of their crimes, nor is it the last. As the incident of urinating over the bodies of the martyrs preceded it by just three weeks. They covered it, they undervalued the damage because it doesn’t express the ethics of the American military.

We’ve seen livestock and beasts before, so have we lived many years with this army’s soldiers and recruits; never have we seen as shameful, disgraceful, as vile as these criminals! To the extent, their intelligence interrogators sometimes are feeling shame from what they see and hear from their soldiers; they would apologize for that savagery: “we hope the soldiers’ behavior won’t give you the wrong picture of the American people, these are the garbage of the society.” If the soldiers are the garbage, then the intelligence are the garbage of the garbage, since they have no value, no principles, no shame.

From the section of the magazine dedicated to destroying vehicles in the U.S.:

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