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Income Tax: That Evil And Immoral Monster

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Unread 03.03.13, 11:01 PM
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Income Tax: That Evil And Immoral Monster

03.03.13 10:01 PM

Modern states all have paper currencies, a debt money system. All forms of government money represent debt. Modern governments would not and could not exist without both the power to create debt money and the income tax system.

The purpose of modern paper currencies (all forms, including computer symbols) is to transfer wealth to the government without payment by the government. The Federal government creates modern “money” out of nothing and “pays” it into circulation for something. In other words, the government gets money (any amount of it) and passes it into the “economy” for goods and services. This is the same as saying that the government actually pays for nothing. It transfers wealth and production to itself for free. It pays not one penny.

Why then the income tax? The purpose of the income tax is to conceal the fraud that massive wealth is being transferred to the government without payment. This cover-up conceals the fact that since the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln’s “greenbacks,” paper money is the means of financing all wars and all means and methods of suppressing human liberty.

The vast wealth of governments comes from the creation of money, not from income tax. Why would governments need our income tax if they can create any amount of “money”?

The answer is, of course, they don’t need our income tax, but they have to have the income tax system to cover their money creation fraud. In other words, the people must believe that their income taxes are necessary to support government. All must pay their “fair share.”

So important is the income tax system as a cover-up that it is regulated by threat, coercion, mass brainwashing and a whole system of witchcraft called the tax code. Remember, governments have to conceal their greatest secret, their money machine.

The income tax is not a Constitutional issue. It is a system of Phariseeism promoting general and widespread social depravity and spiritual immorality. It is indeed a spiritual deception.

That governments print money is no state secret. Then why do so few question the meaning of the income tax?

Little children are taught in school to pay income tax. All the propaganda says “pay your fair share.” It is a complete and absolute brainwashing and so big as to defy inquiry. The system is inbred.

Though the income tax is not necessary as a source of government funds in a paper economy, it is very important as a system of regulation. It promotes class warfare and privilege. The government and its politicians can discriminate or favor with the income tax system.

The American people are victims of a massive entrapment scheme that has conned them out of billions of dollars, as well as millions of hours of recordkeeping and loss of freedom. Federal judges and U.S. attorneys have all conspired against human rights by failing to inform the people of the nature of income tax entrapment.

This is a financial holocaust that is nothing less than organized crime against the people. What a masterpiece of cynicism and deceit. This conspiracy by the government against the American people is equal to and greater than any tyrant in the history of the world. Please do not forget the duplicity of your “elected representatives.” They have betrayed you.

One final word for those who mimic the “fair share” cliché as well as the misnomer that the Federal government needs your income taxes as government revenue: You do not understand monetary realism nor history of government finance.

For a true education on monetary realism you should read Money, The Greatest Hoax on Earth by the great monetary genius Merrill Jenkins Sr., if you can get your hands on a copy. It is no longer in print, but is sometimes available at Amazon.com. There is also our reproduction of Jenkins’ lectures in Money: The Single Greatest Lie in American History.

How can the Internal Revenue Service trap millions of Americans into an enforceable contract and yet claim that it is “voluntary”?

The point is that the income tax has to be understood before you sign a 1040. People sign 1040 income tax forms believing that they are “tax payers.” The government wants very much for you to think of yourself as a “taxpayer.” Has the propaganda succeeded?

One very important fact: The U.S. monetary system as well as the world monetary system is a credit debt system. In other words, all U.S. “money” is credit money, which is debt. Is it possible to pay a tax debt (assuming you owed one) with debt? Not according to the U.S. Supreme Court in Don E. Williams v. Commissioner of the Internal Revenue.

Federal Reserve notes (paper dollars) do not promise anything and are not redeemable in anything. The system works on confidence.

Why then do we play this April game if it is not about paying income taxes?

Remember that all modern “money” is debt. You do not “pay” your debts. You swap debt money for debt.

So when you write a check to the IRS, you think that you are paying taxes simply because this process reduces the numbers in your bank account. Consequently, you have less “money” to spend.

The “payment of income taxes” is not payment of anything, nor is it intended to be. It is a process of regulation to continually reduce the amount of your “money” in circulation. Your check to the IRS reduces your “money” numbers so that you have less to “spend.” Without this regulation (paying income taxes to reduce the volume of money):

  1. Our “money” would become (be perceived as) worthless.
  1. The system would be revealed as the fraud that it is. People must believe that they are “taxpayers” and that their “fair share” goes to support government. They must never know that government creates its “money” for the purpose of transferring wealth to itself without payment.
The so-called income tax system is a regulatory process that is absolutely essential with a debt money system. One cannot exist without the other. Lincoln started the first income tax along with his Lincoln greenback paper money. Lincoln did not free the slaves (a pretense). He made slaves of us all to the money machine. All modern wars were made possible with Lincoln’s paper (debt) “money.”

But we do write symbols on checks “payable” to the IRS. What is happening?

What we are actually doing is conforming to the regulation process by reducing the numbers in our “bank account.” We are limiting our consumption. This process reduces our bidding against government for what we produced. If we were permitted to spend all of the “money” that we get, prices would go to the moon, the system would collapse as the worthless “money” became useless “money” and the fraud of modern money would be revealed, as John Maynard Keynes warned.

So to slow the collapse, every means possible must be found to restrict the supply of spendable money in the hands of the people. Income tax is the big one. But individual retirement accounts, 401(k)s, buying government debt (Treasury bills, T. notes or T. bonds) and even population control are directly related to the control or regulation of the volume of money.

Government gets services, production, materials and our labor with their created money for free. By all definitions, we are slaves to the money creators.

Why should Americans fear terrorism? The money creators created terrorism and all other wars and conflicts.

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