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The Versatile Item Every Prepper Should Pack

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Unread 03.03.13, 11:01 PM
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The Versatile Item Every Prepper Should Pack

03.03.13 10:01 PM

Last week, I was hanging out with my friend, “Above Average” Joe from SurvivalLife.com, when I saw his paracord lanyard. I played dumb and asked him what it was for.

Joe passionately explained a little history of paracord and told me about many of the different ways it can be used.

He said that there were well more than 100 different uses for paracord.

I laughed at him to give him more of a hard time and asked him to list the 100 uses. I said that if he could do so on the spot, I would take him to his favorite steak place and buy him dinner.

He listed something like 50, and I ended up having to buy him dinner.

Later, we had a fun time with all of our readers by putting out this list of uses. I hope you can add to it as well.

There are obviously thousands of uses of paracord, but it’s fun to play these games to keep yourself informed and maybe even learn some new tricks with it.

Below is the list. Let’s see how many we can come up with together.

  • Use it to tie a tarp to trees.
  • Make a lanyard to hold items (knife, keys etc.).
  • Make an emergency paracord wristband.
  • Make an emergency snare from an inner strand.
  • Use it as fishing line (created from the inner strands).
  • Use it to lace your boots.
  • Floss with an inner strand.
  • Use it as a dog lead.
  • Use an inner strand as an emergency suture.
  • Wrap a knife handle.
  • Fashion a bow drill.
  • Use it as a clothesline.
  • Make a place to sit*by lashing a long log horizontally to two trees.
  • Repair a sail in an emergency.
  • Use as a belt for your trousers.
  • Hang a kettle or cooking pot over a fire.
  • Use the inner strands as thread for sewing.
  • Make a fishing net from inner strands.
  • Create a net hammock.
  • Make a sling.
  • Hobble your horse.
  • Attach to tin cans or anything to make noise to create a perimeter trip wire.
  • Use it as a watch strap.
  • Rig up a quick bow stringer when you’ve forgotten yours.
  • Carry gear on your back when you don’t have a rucksack.
  • Clean a platypus hose by tying granny knots in it and pulling it through.
  • Tie house keys to forgetful children.
  • Use several strands as an emergency tow rope.
  • Use as a pulley line for dragging big bits of wood up the side of a hill.
  • Use as a standby strop for polishing a razor.
  • Tie a heavy knot in the middle of it to make a jump rope.
  • Hang mesh frames for propagating plants in greenhouse.
  • Create a swing for kids for when they become bored.
  • Rappel down a cliff edge.
  • Use it as a headband or hair tie.
  • Bundle it around firewood for easy carrying.
  • Tie it to a sled so you can drag the sled during the heavy snow.
  • Hang a light over the designated latrine for nighttime.
  • Replace a snapped pull string on older lights.
  • Fashion a fuse.
  • Hang a mirror or other large object.
  • Use it as strap wrench or Spanish windlass.
  • Use it as a bore cleaner to clean a firearm.
  • Make a tire swing.
  • Hang a hammock.
  • Hang an emergency whistle around your neck.
  • Fashion a pull cord for a chain saw, boat engine, lawn mower or trimmer.
  • Use as a tourniquet.
  • Tie down and secure the straps and belts of rucksacks when traveling.
  • Replace a drawstring cord in a rucksack or on gaiters.
  • Use as tent guy lines.
  • Tie your rucksack to something solid.
  • Tie down a rucksack lid if the buckles are broken.
  • Make an improvised stretcher by lashing poles together and making a net.
  • Lash poles together to make a shelter.
  • Lash a blade to a long pole in order to use as a spear for hunting.
  • Wrap a mini flashlight handle for grip.
  • Use to lower equipment and packs down cliff edges.
  • Create a snare.
  • Entertain yourself during stressful times. Tying and untying knots*can take your mind off of your current situation.
  • Replace a broken handle on a*knife or machete.
  • Create a bow string for a bow and arrow.
  • Hang a kill or your rucksack out of reach of animals at night.
  • Moor your boat to a dock.
  • Replace a broken water ski rope.
  • Teach yourself to tie lifesaving knots.
  • Use it to collect water. (Tie a knot and place it inside a plastic bottle. Hang it from a rock or damp-surface*area. The water will collect on the cord and drip into the bottle.)
  • Place around a tree when climbing to add more grip.
  • Use it to make improvised snow shoes.
  • Make a sling for killing small animals.
  • Create a bullwhip for defense or entertainment.
  • Create trot lines for fishing.
  • Create a gill net for fishing.
  • Lash together multiple pieces for a stronger cord.
Leave your comments and ideas below.

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