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Personal Liberty

Obama Sibling Gets Clobbered In Kenya Race, Most NYC Grads Canít Read, Billy Bob Says

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Unread 03.08.13, 07:36 AM
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Obama Sibling Gets Clobbered In Kenya Race, Most NYC Grads Canít Read, Billy Bob Says

03.08.13 07:20 AM

Here is a collection of some of the stories that Personal Liberty staffers will be keeping an eye on throughout the day. Click the links for the full stories.

  • Abongío Malik Obama — yes, the Presidentís paternal half-brother — got owned in newly established county elections held in Kenya this week. He finished third. Maybe he was too conservative.

  • Just graduate from a New York City public school? Good luck reading this post. College officials told*CBS 2 in New York they had to remediate 80 percent of local graduates before they could begin college level work. Thank God for Pell Grants.

  • As the Supreme Court prepares to rule on the Constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, none other than Bill Clinton has weighed in with a guest spot at The Washington Post. His message? Overturn the Act I signed in 1996 and allow same-sex marriage.

  • IRS, the Enforcer: The implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act means at least 47 new Federal taxes to fund the mandates. So the Internal Revenue Service is preparing to expand its powers — something one inside official says it has no business doing — in order to start going after the biggest delinquent fish.

  • Another novel way to grab revenue for failing Federal programs: Put ďa very tiny taxĒ on email and give the U.S. Postal Service the money. Jurisdiction, schmurisdiction. At least the idea hasnít (yet) been circulated beyond the California city where a council member thought it up.

  • Watching the watchers: The Transportation Security Administration let an undercover inspector walk right through two airport screening checkpoints in New Jersey last month. He had a ďbombĒ down his pants that the pat-down fellas failed to catch.

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