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Growing Number Of Gun Manfacturers Refuse To Sell To Gun-Grabbing Governments

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Unread 03.12.13, 05:07 AM
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Growing Number Of Gun Manfacturers Refuse To Sell To Gun-Grabbing Governments

03.11.13 09:01 PM

Leave it to free enterprise to hold up a mirror to lawmakers bent on social engineering and substituting freedom-robbing “public welfare” laws in place of individual choice.

For the past several weeks, CNS has been following an online listing called The Police Loophole, which tracks gun makers that refuse to sell their wares to law enforcement agencies in places where civilians are banned from owning the same weapons.

With the Administration of President Barack Obama ramping up the gun-grabbing rhetoric following December’s media-sensation mass killing in Connecticut, and with States and local governments choosing sides in the escalating war on the 2nd Amendment , the list has grown.

In fact, it’s tripled.

“In just two weeks, the number of companies participating in what has been named the ‘Firearms Equality Movement,’ has more than tripled from 34 companies to 118,” CNS reported this weekend.

On the list are a few mom-and-pop specialty makers throughout the country, as well as larger manufacturers such as Barrett and Magpul. Each has gone on record explaining why it won’t sell guns to any enforcement agency unless those same weapons can also be bought by the people whom LEOs “protect and serve.”

In a statement last month, Barrett CEO Ronnie Barrett cut through the political and cultural confusion Big Government has been using to justify its “Assault on Liberty”:

Whether on the supply or the demand side, boycotts themselves are artificial animals, and they seldom achieve through simple economics the goals their supporters hold dear. But the swelling number of businesses that make and supply weapons to Americans are tapping into a political base comprised of vocal individuals who cherish the 2nd Amendment. And that’s a base that, in many localities, has voiced its argument to preserve the Bill of Rights to a deaf oligarchy of elected representatives.

In other words, these gun manufacturers are successfully co-opting a constituency of Americans who know they’ve been sold out by their leaders. The manufacturers are representing these peoples’ 2nd Amendment powers in a way that galvanizes on-the-ground political opposition to the laws, and lawmakers, that aim to disenfranchise them.

Let’s see if our leaders have sufficient fortitude — or the required measure of brazen disregard for our Republic — to ignore that kind of resistance.

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