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Practice What You Preach

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Unread 03.14.13, 04:57 AM
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Practice What You Preach

03.13.13 09:01 PM

At the end of last month’s article, I mentioned that I recently experienced the “joys” of purchasing the wrong piece of equipment (again). Hopefully, it encouraged you to take a closer look at improving your knowledge concerning the goods and gadgets that you have.

Do you think you know how to use your prepper tools? You might want to practice using them before you actually need them. (Knowing “how” to use them is not the same as actually using them.) If you have food from a particular food storage company, taste it. If you have a particular water filter, prime it and practice using it. For instance, if you have a flint fire starter but “can’t use it to save your life,” then most likely you won’t be able to use it to actually save your life.

Practice is not limited simply to goods and gadgets either; it is also about expectations versus reality. For instance, have you ever actually lived without power for 48 hours? Have you ever walked down to the lake and brought back five gallons of water? Have you ever tried to strike a match when you’re shaking from the cold? You may find you are prepared physically for such moments, but not prepared mentally. Spending two days without power in August can be extremely draining. Carrying five gallons of water up a hill for a quarter mile might take two hours instead of 10 minutes.

The point is: Practice with the products you buy. Practice for the possible scenarios you suspect will occur. Practice with those with whom you plan on preparing. Figure out where the “holes” are in your plans. Discover better techniques for bugging out in 10 minutes or less. Effective practice will develop a confidence that you truly are prepared for what may come.

For free checklists that can help you get prepared in the first place, click here.

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